10+ Handpicked WordPress Themes to Invest in Now

10+ Handpicked WordPress Themes to Invest in Now

Paid WordPress themes offer better features and customer support that is essential for your website to perform well. In this article, we will explore the reasons for choosing a paid WordPress theme followed by a list of 10+ premium WordPress themes.

Why opt for paid WordPress themes 

Enhanced Customization Options

Compared to free WordPress themes, there are more advanced theme options offered along with paid WordPress themes. 

With these options you can easily modify the functionality and design of your theme. Some of the elements that you can bring changes to include color, font, layout, headers and footer etc.

Another advantage is the integration with premium plugins. With plugins you can take your customization process to the next level. You can easily add features like advanced sliders and contact forms. 

Since these plugins are integrated with the theme, the end result is much more cohesive and makes for a rich user experience. 

In a free WordPress theme such options are limited. Therefore, premium themes offer more freedom to create a personalized website. 

Better Blogging Options 

Paid themes often include blogging options that are normally not available in the free versions. These options improve the presentations of your blog posts. 

You get a variety of layout options to choose from such as grid, masonry, or classic layouts. 

In most paid WordPress themes you get built-in featured post sliders or carousel widgets that help you draw attention to a specific blog post or image. 

Such features make your blog post more interactive and engaging. 

Social sharing buttons are integrated making it easier for your readers to share the post in different social media platforms. 

Paid themes may offer pagination or infinite scroll options for your blog pages. Pagination breaks down long blog lists into multiple pages, while infinite scroll loads new posts automatically as the reader scrolls down. 

These options provide a smoother navigation experience and faster loading times for your blog.

Support and Documentation 

With paid themes you get better support from the theme developers. You can rely on the theme developers for assistance if you face any inconvenience. 

Most free theme providers do not offer customer support and this is why it is advisable to opt for a paid theme especially if you do not have technical knowledge. 

Paid theme developers provide you with tutorials and documentation as well. You get assistance with the set- up process. Extensive documentation makes it easy for users to get through each step of the set- up process without much frustration or loss of time. 

For assistance you can either raise a ticket, email them or use any other option that is provided by the developers. In most cases, you will get your response within 24 hours. 

Regular Updates

Updates are important to stay relevant, improve the functionality of your theme and for security measures. Paid WordPress themes provide a higher level of attention and commitment from developers in terms of updates. 

Regular updates ensure that your theme remains secure, compatible with the latest WordPress version, and equipped with new features and improvements.

The developers of paid themes are more likely to be interested in keeping the reputation of their products high. Therefore, they will make sure that their themes are well up to date and compatible with all the latest requirements. 

This also impacts your website’s SEO performance positively. 

With these benefits in mind, let us look into some of the most sought after Premium WordPress themes that are worth your money. 

1. Enfold 

Enfold theme demo image
Enfold Theme demo

Enfold is a paid multipurpose WordPress theme that is known for its ease of use and extensive features. It has a responsive design that makes your website look fantastic and functional on a variety of devices. Whether your website is opened on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, it will undoubtedly provide your users with the most seamless experience. 

You can use the advanced layout editor to create custom page layouts. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements onto the canvas. 

Apart from this, Enfold also gives you a wide range of pre- designed demos that you can import in a single click. The demos include hotel, spa, consulting, gym, resume and a lot more (we mean it!). 

Other features

Extensive customization options
Advanced admin panel 
Multi- language support 
Ajax instant search 
Child theme support 
Retina ready 
2D + 3D Layerslider slideshow 

Price: $59

2. Newspaper 

Newspaper theme demo

Newspaper is a great WordPress theme for news sites, blogs or any other website that is rich in content. With over 150+ unique pre- built websites, users have a wide range of options. Even though the theme was originally meant for news sites and blogs, it now caters to different industries. 

The theme also offers built- in advertising management features that helps you to easily integrate ads into your website. This means that you get dedicated ad spaces, ad management settings, and compatibility with popular ad networks. 

Newspaper theme is great for both beginners and professionals alike. It is also lightweight and loads content 5x faster. The theme has a different architecture for mobile devices to create a seamless experience for mobile device users. 

Other features 

Directory and listing systems 
tagDiv cloud library 
WooCommerce supported 
Live layout and page builder 
Smart popup elements 
Custom field support 
Paywall and subscriptions

Price: $59

3. Uncode 

Uncode theme demo
Uncode theme demo

Uncode focuses on flexibility and performance. It is suitable for a wide range of industries and niches. If you cannot find the perfect theme for your particular niche then you can always rely on Uncode. You can create visually stunning websites with their immensely rich layout and design options. 

The front- end editor is powerful and intuitive, allowing you to customize every aspect of your website freely. Uncode also adapts easily on every device. It has a smart system for adapting images and media depending on the user’s screen size. 

To make your designing process more efficient, Uncode comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that includes a Wireframe mode. This makes it easier for you to visualize your designs before finalizing it. Uncode’s content block system lets you create and reuse custom content sections across different pages to maintain consistency. 

Other features 

Showcase and Portfolio options 
WooCommerce compatibility 
Wishlist support 
WPML certified and RTL 
Dynamic elements and options 
Privacy plugin (GDPR)
Single product builder 

Price: $59 

4. TheGem 

TheGem theme demo
TheGem theme demo

TheGem is a dynamic theme with modern design options and excellent features. Packed with a number of pre- designed templates, sections and elements you can create amazing websites that match your brand identity without coding. It comes with 400+ demos and 30+ unique elements. 

You get a wide range of portfolio and blog layouts to showcase your work. This allows you to display your case studies, blogs, articles and other works in a more interactive manner. 

But TheGem is not limited to these industries. The theme can be used for many different industries, from gyms and restaurants to charity and non- profit organizations. 

TheGem does not have unnecessary add ons which makes it lightweight and highly optimized. It is also stable and more secure for this reason. 

Other features 

Onepager and fullscreen scroller 
Video and parallax sections 
Unlimited sidebars 
Page speed optimization settings 

Price: $59

5. The7 

The7 theme demo
The7 theme demo

The7 premium WordPress theme is known for its extensive customization options and is the number one selling Elementor theme. It includes a powerful and user-friendly Theme Options panel where you can customize every aspect of your website’s design. 

With The7 theme you get more than 60 demos. One of the many attractive features of the theme is its customization option. You can create headers that can change both size and color as you scroll through the page. With the Design System in this theme, you can make changes across the entire website quickly. 

You get unlimited color options and a vast selection of fonts and typography settings to create just the picture perfect website. Premium plugins like WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder are integrated with the theme that make your website more engaging. 

Other features 

Free lifetime updates 
Mega menu 
Advanced filtering options 
Integrated plugins for better speed 
White label tool 
Google certified SEO friendly theme 

Price: $59

6. Kalium 

Kalium theme demo (Architecture)

Kalium is among the most highly rated themes. It has a modern and unique design that is great for any kind of website. However, it is ideal for creative professionals and portfolio websites. With multiple pre- designed templates to work with, you can easily create an eye- catching website. 

With an easy drag and drop builder you can either design your own headers or select a pre- made one. You can also select your desired menu style and logo placement easily. 

The theme provides several creative blogging features to help you share your thoughts and ideas. It includes multiple blog layouts, post formats, and custom blog settings. You can create engaging blog posts with featured images, galleries, videos, and more. The typography options are incredible too. There are 7 sources of font libraries available. 

Other features 

Custom skin generator 
Ajax Mini Cart 
WooCommerce integration 
Endless pagination 
AutoType element 
Linea Icons  
Accessibility ready 

Price: $69

7. BeTheme 

BeTheme demo
BeTheme demo

BeTheme is known for its incredible speed. It is also beginner friendly with over 600 pre- built website demos suitable for all industries. The theme is compatible with WP Rocket. This helps you create faster pages that are fully responsive and optimized. 

You get great flexibility when designing the header and footer of your pages with the BeBuilder. They also provide you with an exclusive builder for WooCommerce known as the BeBuilder Woo. You can present your products in the catalog mode and do a lot more. 

The theme allows you to create a very engaging website using Lottie animation. BeTheme is regularly updated for free and offers great customer support. 

Other features 

Video background 
Parallax effect 
RTL support 
Mobile friendly 
Easy backup restoration 

Price: $60

8. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper theme demo
Shopkeeper theme demo

Shopkeeper features a clean and minimal design that puts the focus on your products. The theme provides a modern and professional look, allowing your products to shine. It offers multiple pre-designed homepage layouts and a variety of customization options to match your brand identity.

With Shopkeeper you get features like quick view and wishlist functionality. Quick view lets your customers get a preview of product details without leaving the page they are currently on. Wishlist functionality enables users to save products for later. This encourages them to return to complete their purchase. 

Shopekeeper allows you to create visually appealing sites with its striking Hero slider options. You can quickly create an amazing section using any type of media. They also offer great blog layouts that make your content more attractive.

Other features

Adjustable background and font colors
Smooth transitions
Integrated Google fonts 
Adobe Typekit included 
Easily upload and adjust Logo
Adjustable navigation alignment

Price: $59

9. X theme 

X theme demo
X theme demo

X theme is a very popular WordPress theme, and for good reason too! The theme has some standout features like the Cornerstone page builder and Stacks. The Cornerstone page builder is X theme’s very own page builder. It has a user friendly yet powerful drag and drop interface that allows you to create visually striking pages. 

You also get a wide variety of elements and content blocks to choose from. These include text blocks, images, videos, buttons, dividers, columns, testimonials, pricing tables, and more. Another great advantage with Cornerstone is the ability to edit text on the page itself. You do not have to go to a separate panel to do the editing. 

Stacks refer to the collection of various designs that are in the theme. With every Stack you get a distinct layout, style, and set of features, allowing you to choose from different design options. There are four Stacks that are included in the X theme which are Renew, Icon, Integrity and Ethos. 

Other features 

Design Cloud 
Element API 
Dark mode option
Role manager option
Workspace customization 
V2 elements with two modes 

Price: $79

10. JupiterX

Jupiter theme demo car rental example
Jupiter theme demo car rental example

The JupiterX theme is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme known for its flexibility and extensive features. It offers a wide range of options to customize and create various types of websites. With Jupiter you do not have to worry about installing third party plugins. 

JupiterX allows you to build complex websites with easy to use and intuitive features. Elements can be rotated, flipped, offset or skewed according to your aesthetic with the help of Hover feature. Using the Masks feature you can create a shape using anything. 

The JupiterX theme is truly unique and gives you the ability to create the website of your dreams. 

Other features 

Motion effects 
Pop up builder 
Form builder 
Text paths 
Customize positions, fonts and icons
Element navigator 

Price: $59

11. The Ark 

The Ark theme demo
The Ark theme demo

The Ark theme is a premium WordPress theme known for its versatility, customization options, and extensive features. It offers a range of functionalities that set it apart from other themes. 

With the Ark theme you get over 300 pre-built demos and design variations. These demos are versatile and cover various industries, including business, portfolio, blog, e-commerce, agency, and more. 

The extensive selection of design variations provides flexibility and options to match your specific needs.The Ark has their very own page builder which is known as the “Fresh Builder”. It is very easy to use and you can achieve the website that you want very fast. 

Other features 

Global color library 
Background layers editor 
Global styles 
Quick save 
Fresh custom code

Price: $39

Summing it up

It is ideal to use a paid WordPress theme if you want to create a unique, secure and high performing website.

There are many great options for you to choose from out there. This is a list of multi- purpose themes, that can be used for any industry.

We have themes like Enfold, Newspaper, Uncode, TheGem, The7, Kalium, BeTheme, Shopkeeper, X theme, JupiterX and The Ark. These themes come with amazing features to deliver you the best WordPress website.

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