Best Crowdfunding Themes for WordPress

8 Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes to Drive Donations


If you’re setting out to change the world with your website, the right crowdfunding themes in WordPress can be your best investment.

Fundraising has its own challenges. Crafting compelling stories, engaging potential donors, and managing the entire project can feel overwhelming.

To truly make a difference, your efforts need a strong online presence. You need a theme that not only looks good but is also functional, reliable, and user-friendly.

And that’s where this article comes in. This blog post highlights the best themes that you can choose from for your crowdfunding website.

We’ve done the homework so you can focus on what really matters – making a difference. Keep on reading, and let’s revolutionize the way you raise funds!

Our Picks for the Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

What makes a WordPress theme for crowdfunding truly stand out?

First, the theme should have a user-friendly design. It’s also essential that the theme is optimized for all devices.

Customizability is another significant attribute. The theme should allow you to tailor your site to your unique branding and vision. Furthermore, SEO optimization is crucial to make your site more discoverable on search engines.

Given the monetary transactions involved, the theme must be secure and reliable. It must also be equipped with donation plugins or built-in payment features, as this provides a smooth transaction process.

Lastly, the theme should be compatible with major WordPress plugins for added functionality and enhancements.

Each of these factors contributes to a website that can truly drive donations. With these features in mind, here are the best WordPress themes for crowdfunding that you can choose from.

1. Astra

Astra is one of the best crowdfunding themes for WordPress

Need a quick, customizable, and efficient solution for your crowdfunding site? Use Astra.

Boasting a library of pre-built websites, Astra slashes your design time significantly. Imagine having access to flawless, ready-to-use demos. In the crowdfunding landscape, this feature offers a quick launch for your platform.

Astra goes beyond the norm with its intuitive customization.

No coding background? No worries! It lets you build your site without diving into complex codes. This is ideal for crafting that perfect crowdfunding template with ease when you have no experience.

The theme plays well with page builders too. Enjoy the freedom to turn off page titles and the sidebar, which creates full-width pages.

Lastly, but perhaps most crucially, Astra is fast. Renowned for its speed, Astra doesn’t just dazzle; it delivers.

Benefits of Using Astra

Offers complete control over the layout of your websiteMultiple built-in header layouts are availableEasy color and font customizationProvides handy options to manage the design of blog posts and archive pagesIntegrates smoothly with your favorite tools

Drawbacks of Using Astra

Only provides basic archive and blog styleAstra’s support response can be slow on weekendsUnlocking Astra’s most impressive features requires purchasing the Pro addon

2. OceanWP


When talking about crowdfunding WordPress themes, OceanWP holds a prominent position. Lightweight yet extendable, OceanWP is like clay in your hands, ready to be shaped into your ideal website.

OceanWP flaunts a professional design. Its quick loading times and responsive nature optimizes the user experience. And this is key for a successful crowdfunding website.

It comes with a unique feature – customization across devices. Adjust settings on your tablet or mobile, and watch your site retain its allure on all platforms. That’s a rare convenience in today’s device-diverse world.

This theme also works seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and more. Developers can rejoice, as OceanWP’s extensible codebase makes customization a dream.

With its best SEO practices and unique WooCommerce features, OceanWP doesn’t just look good; it works brilliantly to enhance conversions. And this is an important aspect of any crowdfunding venture.

Benefits of Using OceanWP

Offers global fonts and typography for better customization across sectionsProvides multiple settings for unique site layoutsSelect from 7 free header styles, with options for custom headers as neededPage layout settings offer flexibility with sidebars and content orderNine blog post elements can be enabled, disabled, or reordered for a personalized look

Drawbacks of Using OceanWP

Requires many plugins to be installedHas many advertisements in its free versionEven for free demos, premium extensions are necessary

3. Divi Crowdfunding

Divi Crowdfunding is one of the best themes for WordPress

As multifaceted as it is, Divi carries an exclusive toolkit used for creating a powerful crowdfunding website.

First, this theme pairs smoothly with any popular WordPress plugin.

Divi also provides a comprehensive package of home and internal page layouts. Modify them with Divi Builder or utilize them as-is – it’s your call. As a result, constructing your unique crowdfunding template becomes an effortless journey.

Its versatility doesn’t stop there. Divi proves to be a fit for both niche and multi-category crowdfunding sites. Whatever your fundraising endeavor is, Divi will surely let you shine.

Benefits of Using Divi

Ideal for users with limited technical knowledgeGreat deal for its priceHelpful customer support to assist with your inquiriesIt features one of the best drag & drop page builders with various premade layouts, modules, and sectionsThe theme offers lifetime updates

Drawbacks of Using Divi

The vast number of options provided by Divi can potentially overwhelm usersIt may not be the best option for experienced developers looking for more complex functionalities

4. Krowd

Krowd is one of the best crowdfunding themes for WordPress

Krowd isn’t just any theme – it’s your all-in-one solution for launching successful fundraising campaigns.

With its clean and professional design, it aligns with various crowdfunding endeavors and creates a user-friendly experience.

Plus, it’s fully optimized for high performance and user-friendliness.

Krowd integrates cutting-edge web technologies like Bootstrap 4, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and Font Awesome. Bundled with the Elementor Page Builder and Slider Revolution, it’s a cost-effective choice for a crowdfunding WordPress theme.

Managing your site is very easy with Krowd’s theme control panel. It’s packed with handy options and tools, including an Events Calendar and Custom Icon Font.

Benefits of Using Krowd

Offers three unique homepagesPerfect for beginnersIn-built Header & Footer Builder provides design versatilityOne-Click Demo Import streamlines your site setup processKrowd is optimized for search engines

Drawbacks of Using Krowd

Krowd’s payment form requests excessive information, which could deter donorsIt lacks a volunteer feature, which limits the scope of community engagementFree version is not available

5. Ultra


Ultra is a standout among crowdfunding WordPress themes. It’s the epitome of flexibility, blending both power and elegance into your site design.

Born from the creative minds at Themify, Ultra brings responsive design to a new level. It gives you full control from header to footer, ensuring your site mirrors your vision.

With a few clicks, you can also import their pre-made demo templates to your site. This feature turns time-consuming setup into a simple, speedy task.

Embedded within Ultra is a drag-and-drop page builder. This is a key tool for crafting unique page layouts quickly and easily. It offers sections for portfolios, photo galleries, testimonials, events, and more.

Truly, Ultra is a WordPress crowdfunding theme like no other.

Benefits of Using Ultra

Parallax scrolling, custom styling, and animations for better designOffers smart layout optionsComes with a variety of preset fonts and color choicesOffers 17 header/page styles, including a no-header optionIncludes 12 Bonus Builder addons

Drawbacks of Using Ultra

The Ultra theme could benefit from a wider range of templatesThe theme may present a moderate learning curve, particularly for beginnersNo free version is available

6. HaveHeart


With HaveHeart, starting your crowdfunding campaign is as easy as one-two-click! This theme boasts an array of pre-made templates, each tailored for these businesses.

Moreover, HaveHeart ensures smooth volunteer enlistment through an integrated application form. This makes it easier for prospective volunteers to join your cause online with just a few clicks.

As such, it serves as a great crowdfunding campaign template for those aiming to build a robust online community.

The beauty of HaveHeart lies in its adaptability. Offering numerous templates, it allows you to tailor the theme to your organization’s branding. But if you’re pressed for time, the default version works just as well.

Notably, HaveHeart brims with features that ease website management. With one-click import and Slider Revolution, plus a host of shortcodes, widgets, and different headers, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Its compatibility with Contact Form 7 and Google Maps also boost its functionality.

Lastly, this theme ensures optimal performance across all devices and web browsers. With its lightning-fast loading speed, HaveHeart guarantees a smooth user experience.

Benefits of Using HaveHeart

Easy to use, requiring no coding knowledgeEquipped with a powerful Admin PanelContains a large collection of home and inner pagesFeatures one-click demo content importResponsive and Retina Ready, ensuring optimal display on all devices

Drawbacks of Using HaveHeart

No “Read More” button for blogs and archivesSome issues with the sticky menuFree version is not available

7. Backer


Not only does it allow you to promote single campaigns, but Backer also lets you build a platform for others. From campaign sign-ups to fund collection and distribution, Backer has you covered.

One standout feature of this theme is its crowdfunding campaign template functionality. This lets you run multiple campaigns simultaneously. You have full control over the funding system, donations, rewards, campaign goals, and more.

For user-generated content, Backer provides a streamlined front-end experience. It’s equipped with all the templates you’ll need for users to register, launch campaigns, and track progress.

There’s no need for users to access the WordPress Dashboard or admin pages.

And even if you’re a WordPress beginner, Backer comes with comprehensive documentation. This provides a smooth ride as you create your crowdfunding site.

Benefits of Using Backer

Users can manage all actions on the frontendCheck detailed statistics and summaries of your campaignPowered by WP CrowdfundingOffers different options and styles for personalizationProvides simplified campaign management for users

Drawbacks of Using Backer

No free version is availableCustomization can overwhelm beginnersLearning curve may be steeper for those unfamiliar with frontend operations

8. Unity


Unity is a versatile option among crowdfunding WordPress themes. It’s built on Easy Digital Downloads and is also WooCommerce friendly. This makes it perfect for any project.

The theme boasts a fully responsive design across various devices. It is built on the WPO Framework and Bootstrap 3.0.

Customizability is another key feature of Unity. The live theme editor allows for real-time adjustments, removing the need for coding skills. This makes Unity one of the best crowdfunding campaign templates.

Unity is a prime choice for charity donation projects. It offers ample features to build and manage such campaigns effectively.

Lastly, Unity comes with several plugins to enhance your site’s professionalism. Notable inclusions are Elementor, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, and MailChimp. It is also SEO-ready.

With Unity, creating a captivating and successful crowdfunding site becomes easier.

Benefits of Using Unity

Has two distinct homepages to showcase your campaign elegantlyHas many gallery styles for you to choose fromIt provides an appealing blogging space to share stories and newsIncludes the Elementor page builder for easy, drag-and-drop website customizationSpecial sections for upcoming events enhance engagement and fund collection

Drawbacks of Using Unity

No free version is availableCustomer support can be improved

FAQs About Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

Are paid crowdfunding WordPress themes worth it?

Yes, paid WordPress themes are usually worth their price. First, they offer advanced features that are not seen in their free versions. These include custom templates, better security, and premium widgets.

Furthermore, paid theme developers usually offer tech support. This help can be valuable during setup or troubleshooting.

How do I accept donations on WordPress?

Accepting donations on WordPress requires a plugin. And it’s vital to choose a reliable, easy-to-use, and customizable donation plugin for your site.

A key feature to look for includes compatibility with both mobile and desktop devices. It should also support your preferred payment gateway. Lastly, it should be able to set up recurring donations and generate receipts for donors.

Ideally, you should opt for a plugin that charges a minimal fee, such as a fixed yearly payment, rather than a percentage of all donations. This way, you maximize your collected funds while providing a seamless user experience.

Can I crowdfund on my own website?

Yes, you can crowdfund on your own site. And using the best crowdfunding WordPress themes mentioned above helps. It allows you full control over your brand and campaign. Plus, you avoid third-party site fees.

This means more funds go straight to your project.

How do I promote my crowdfunding website?

Promoting your site takes time and effort. First, use social media. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps reach your target audience. Second, use email marketing. Newsletters and personalized emails keep your audience involved.

Content marketing helps as well. Blog posts or YouTube videos provide important information about your project. And if you have a WordPress website, using SEO-friendly crowdfunding themes can boost your online visibility.

Is crowdfunding better than venture capital?

It depends on your business model and funding needs. Charities and donations are the main use case of crowdfunding. Aside from that, it is also great for startups or community-focused ventures. It offers public backing, which raises funds and brand awareness.

Venture capital suits businesses ready for fast growth and large-scale operations. It brings significant financial investment and often comes with business advice and connections.

Do you pay back crowdfunding?

In most crowdfunding types, like rewards-based, you don’t pay back the funds. Backers get rewards or acknowledgments instead.

But, in equity crowdfunding, backers buy a part of your company. Here, they expect a return on their investment if your company does well.

How do you attract donors for crowdfunding?

To attract donors for crowdfunding, start with a compelling story. Make sure to convey your message clearly. Use high-quality images and engaging narratives to pique interest.

Regularly update your donors about your progress, as this fosters trust. Also, you can offer appealing rewards as incentives for donations.

Remember, your website’s user experience can influence donor engagement. Therefore, choosing easy-to-use crowdfunding WordPress themes is a must.

Choose The Right Theme For Your Cause

Picking the right crowdfunding WordPress theme can significantly propel your fundraising efforts forward.

But that’s just the first step. Customizing your website, engaging with your donors, and being transparent with your progress is equally critical.

So, don’t wait! Kickstart your crowdfunding journey to make a significant impact. Your cause deserves the best, and the perfect theme is just a click away!


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