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Sounds familiar? It definitely should, as this type of messaging seems vital to executing checkout processes in online environments to the desired effect. It turns out that proper advertising that drives customers to interact with products isn’t necessarily enough to turn a profit. Research from the Baymard Institute shows that 69.82% of online shopping carts are ultimately abandoned. What would you say if ModulesGarden had a reality-based way to reduce this alarming 7:10 ratio?

But let’s go back to basics: what are we really dealing with when we talk about cart abandonment? It is a term used to describe situations where buyers leave incomplete purchases on e-commerce platforms. The first relevant data points were collected around 2002, when e-commerce was still in its infancy. Still, the problem was already noticeable, so in addition to emailing customers to gauge their shopping experiences, companies began sending automated messages to those who decided not to checkout.

Your business, regardless of industry, can greatly benefit from recapturing the attention of those who are still undecided by not only reminding them of viewed items, but also showing them exactly why the doubt occurred. Below, you can take a look at the most common reasons behind buyers’ withdrawal.

Cart abandonment reasons

Just by implementing the right checkout optimization in your WHMCS platform, your customer conversion rate can go back up to 35.62%, as mentioned in Baymard Institute research results, which is exactly what you’re looking for. our newest module was developed: Abandoned Cart for WHMCS.

The features in our latest module will help you increase this percentage by sending email reminders to your customers who have left their shopping carts full, without completing the order.

It will also provide you with valuable statistics on all purchase statuses, ordered or not. It is possible to collect this data within selected time periods, from one month to one year! Learning more about your customers will help you meet their expectations even more precisely. If you want to make sure your notifications really make a difference, select the option for multiple reminders, which will subtly but effectively divert a shopper’s attention back to your products.

Abandoned Cart for WHMCS - Email Reminders

Our module is highly customizable, so you can easily specify which items you want to be reminded of, change the time notifications are sent, login address and invited customers separately, or even use custom templates for your messages. Worried that reaching your customers is difficult due to a lack of contact details? We have this! With our module, you can configure the general settings to request an email address or login to continue.

Remember, an abandoned shopping cart is not a missed opportunity, but an opportunity to interact with your customers. Take proper care of your income and test our module right now!

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