Advantages of cPanel to manage your VPS hosting environment

Advantages of cPanel to manage your VPS hosting environment


Your website’s speed and functionality are significantly affected by the type of web hosting solution you choose. For a newcomer or someone who is not familiar with how web hosting works, this procedure can be complicated. Control panels can help in this situation. Applications known as web hosting control panels allow you to effectively manage and maximize your web hosting account.

We will take a look at cPanel-based VPS hosting services in this post to better understand their purpose and advantages.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the few well-liked web hosting management tools. It incorporates, within itself, a whole range of programs and tools that work together effortlessly. cPanel allows you to carry out many important website and server related operations with ease. With cPanel, you can manage all your domains and files, scale resources, create and manage email marketing, open tickets, etc.

A web hosting solution that uses cPanel is well known for being simple to learn for newcomers and, at the same time, quite flexible for experts.

For users with Linux VPS hosting, the cPanel control panel is the default option. If you choose a Linux-based hosting, cPanel will be the available option. A cPanel VPS hosting is a VPS hosting solution that comes with a cPanel control panel.

Advantages of cPanel VPS Hosting

1. Hosting made easy with cPanel

As stated above, cPanel is very simple to understand and use. The GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is comparable to the Windows point-and-click interface, is easy to use. You do not need to be familiar with Linux commands. Rather, one receives a simple GUI panel that highlights each action that needs to be taken. It is a flexible software due to the user-friendly interface and additional features.

2. Root access

One of the main advantages of cPanel is root access. Root access is comparable to administrator access on a personal computer. The highest privilege a user can have on a Linux server is root access. You can see and modify every folder and file on the server if you have root access.

Additionally, you have the option to install and uninstall third-party programs that your web host would not normally support. You can also modify standard port numbers, close unnecessary ports, use third-party security tools, modify the JavaScript delivery method, and defend your website from brute force attacks.

Generally, having root access allows you to modify and tailor your website to suit your desired needs. If one does not have root access, then certain performance and security measures cannot be taken.

Unfortunately, there is a learning curve to maximizing root access on a VPS. People who are completely new to web hosting can get confused. Furthermore, misuse of root access can have detrimental effects on the usability and security of the server.

cPanel’s GUI interface is easy to use. Using root access capability and making any necessary modifications to your server configuration are made easy with cPanel VPS hosting.

3. Security

Security is usually a crucial concern whenever one wants to purchase a hosting solution. Another ideal benefit for managing your website and keeping it secure is provided by cPanel.

It has features that protect your data and prevent harmful attacks on your website. To ensure that no site break-in attempts are successful, you can also set up two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, their software prohibits dedicated server clients from performing cPanel restricted actions.

You can keep your website secure by performing the following tasks;

To get the most security features, update often. Install a firewall and an antivirus application, this way your website and cPanel will always be safe. Use strong and reliable passwords; avoid using personal information as a password, such as your name or date of birth.

4. Performance

With a shared hosting environment, the problem is that performance is never stable. Other websites on the server experience slower load times if a website is consistently using more resources on the server than necessary.

With a VPS hosting solution, your website will run predictably and efficiently. A VPS environment gives you a smaller version of a dedicated environment, where you don’t have to share resources with other users. Plus, it immediately identifies the problem and scales resources to your cPanel VPS solution if your website is optimized but slow.

You can quickly monitor your resource utilization in your cPanel control panel, and if necessary, you can scale resources if you feel more are needed to keep your website running efficiently.

5. Backup and expansion capability

The method you use for data backup and recovery is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a panel. cPanel offers one of the best solutions to recover your data in case of loss.

However, it is imperative that you constantly back up your data to facilitate seamless backup and recovery of vital data.

6. Profitable

The cost of renting space on other website management platforms is usually quite high. Maintenance cost is reduced because all applications are designed to work seamlessly with cPanel. Compared to other control panels, this is passed on to you and saves you money.

One of the main reasons many customers choose cPanel is the affordability of its services. For a minimal cost, all the various requirements that a developer has met. This gives you excellent value for money, and in some cases even saves you money.


The combination of VPS hosting and cPanel is one of the perfect combinations for a management platform and a hosting environment.

cPanel VPS hosting allows you to select a website that is smooth, secure and completely reliable. But, in order to receive fast, secure and reliable hosting, it is crucial to ensure that you purchase cPanel hosting service from a reputable provider.

With each of their VPS hosting plans, provides superior protection, solid storage, seamless scalability, a selection of the best Linux distributions, 24/7 customer support, and fast setup. from the server with our fully managed cPanel VPS hosting services. With such a solid arrangement, you won’t have to worry about any issues and can instead fully focus on expanding your website.

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