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Alibaba Cloud: Another industry giant welcome to our marketplace!

A quick scroll through the search results for “Alibaba Cloud” offers a clear picture of the unprecedented scale of innovation it is dealing with. Headlines lauding Alibaba as one of the world’s largest IaaS providers (for the fourth year in a row!) have quickly put this big name on our radar as inspiration for a new WHMCS module in our offering. Today, you are officially invited to explore the benefits of this project debuting as Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines for WHMCS!

To give you a better idea of ​​how much you can earn by inviting Alibaba Cloud into your business offer, here’s one more look at Alibaba Cloud’s excellent track record.

With 86 Availability Zones across 28 regions, Alibaba Cloud, the pillar of Alibaba Group, continues to enjoy the position of China’s Dominant Cloud Computing Provider with millions of customers around the world. This high rank is even more impressive in light of research from the International Data Corporation, which ranks Southeast Asia as the fastest-growing adopter of cloud computing technology in the world. Its cloud market is expected to reach $40.3 billion by 2025 alone!

did you knowIn January 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the Official Global Cloud Service Partner of the Olympic Games.

With facts like these, it is almost impossible to argue against the decision to take advantage of Asian demand. By using Alibaba Cloud solutions to diversify your reselling business, you are sure to attract new customers and build a strong brand presence.

And now that you’ve learned the first step on the path to achieving the growth of your dreams, are you ready to learn the second?

Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines for WHMCS makes it convenient for your customers to place orders and then carefully manage the servers hosted on the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure without having to push them to step away from your website. They will have the power to start, stop, reboot or shutdown the instance completely remotely, as well as track the information about the virtual machine obtained along with a list of scheduled tasks as often as they need.

Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines for WHMCS by ModulesGarden

Its supervisory powers will extend to cover a complete set of permissions to monitor the status of each machine sold, as well as fine-tune its details to meet the changing expectations of its customers.

Achieving business success is the ultimate goal for all virtual server providers, but a real achievement for few. With the perfect blend of flexibility and assured control, Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines for WHMCS is sure to up your reselling game in today’s extremely competitive industry landscape. Ready to step into the ring?

Go ahead!

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