April showers bring the best WordPress tweets of the month

April showers bring the best WordPress tweets of the month

We pity the fool who doesn’t love April. She has the perfect date of the year: April 25. It’s not too hot and not too cold; all you need is a light jacket. WordPress birthday celebrations are starting. The NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup have begun.

WordPress users had a great month as the performance improvements of 8.2 really started to show their strengths.

Let’s take a look at the best tweets of April 2023.

coming in hot

It’s not summer yet, but WordPress pro john williams He came in with some fresh and spicy takes.

Podcaster and freelancer Igor Benic tells Twitter what we’ve been shouting from virtual rooftops forever.

Web developer Mauro Bono You wonder why a built-in SMTP option isn’t part of WordPress yet.

Can we build it? If we can! (With WordPress)

Profit Blogging Genius Mike from Niche Twins had an inspiring message for people who may have given up on their online business dreams. We love a push for more WordPress users.

Software developer, programmer and engineer david winer reminds us that the platform is the medium but WE are the artists.

social gathering

Freelancer and WordPress consultant ez smith He wants to know what your favorite topic is. We are quite supporters of Astra and cadencehere at Nexcess.

Software developer Kelvin Mwenda recognizes that many great sites use our favorite CMS, and for really great purposes. Language, after all, is the foundation of society.

WordPress Professional, Engineer at, and Everyone’s Favorite Jeff: jeff chandler — was a guest on an upcoming show about WordPress release history, what it’s like to be at a WordCamp, and more. We love hearing all about WordPress, especially from familiar faces, and we can’t wait to see this! Listen to Jeff’s guest announcement here.

You better sync up

Roses are red, your WordPress posts kill

Join us next month….

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