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Best Dedicated Cloud Server Packages in Mumbai > eWebGuru Blog

This article explains everything about cloud hosting servers and the best cloud dedicated server packages in Mumbai. We try to review many cloud server companies in Mumbai to offer you most of the best packages.

How does the dedicated cloud server work?

When many underlying physical servers contribute their resources, such as RAM, storage, CPU, and bandwidth, the cloud is created. Dedicated cloud services will provide you with all the main features and benefits of the dedicated service remotely.

Best Cloud Dedicated Server Packages in Mumbai

Dedicated server eWebGuru Cloud.

eWebguru Cloud Dedicated Server Package gives you 16 GB Dedicated RAM, 4 Cores, 1 IPv4, 2 x 500 GB SATA Disk 1 large space. You also get 2 x 100 GB SSD disk. eWebguru offers 5TB/month bandwidth to handle large data transfers. Includes IPv6 support. We kept it at the one spot because you get all this at just Rs 4995 per month.

Your managed dedicated server gives you full root access. You can install many applications. You can use many operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Windows.

eWebGuru offers many other packages for your need. You can choose this Indian hosting company and take advantage of free migration and quality technical support.

Hostgator Cloud Dedicated Server

Hostgator’s dedicated cloud server also gives you a single domain and 2 GB of memory. This company also offers you 2 core CPU in this plan. They also offer you a free SSL certificate and a free domain as well included in this plan. All this at just Rs 4,356 per month.

Your managed dedicated server gives you full root access. For this enterprise plan you can install the app. Hostgator is a renowned hosting brand. They offer good support and fast servers.

Dedicated cloud server Bluehost

Bluehost offers you a plan at Rs 10,550 per month. This plan includes 1 website. In this plan, 100 GB of storage space and also unmetered bandwidth. Free domain included with 2 GB of RAM. This company also offers you 2 CPUs as well. This company offers you a free SSL certificate. And there is no domain privacy. Blue Host is one of the most reputable global brands in the hosting industry. They have very wide offerings of servers, VPS, shared and cloud hosting.

Dedicated server in the Liquid Web cloud

Liquid Web offers 4 cores 3.9GHz max CPU, 16GB RAM, 2 x 240GB primary SSD and 1 x 1TB SATA backup drive. They are offering 5TB of bandwidth and 250GB of Acronis Cyber ​​Backups in their Rs 8000 per month plan. Their plans include cPanel.

Liquidweb is also well known for servers. But when we compare the plans with eWebGuru we can see that the prices are high. In this band of parts, other companies are offering more resources.

server basket

Server Basket offers 6 core Intel CPU, 32 GB RAM and 2x 480 GB Raid-1 SSD. They are offering unlimited bandwidth. Server Basket which offers all these resources at Rs 7999 per month. They are also offering plans with greater resources for larger needs. This is a well known cloud dedicated server package in Mumbai.

immotion accommodation

They offer 4-core CPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth, and 1TB primary SSD. This company offers 5 dedicated IPs, Security Suite, free SSL. INmotion hosting offers security features such as Malware Attack Protection and DDoS Protection. Automatic backups are available with 50 GB of free backup storage. They charge Rs 11000 per month for all these features.


Hostwinds offers 4 CPU, 12 GB RAM, 200 GB space and 4 TB bandwidth at Rs 49000 per year. This plan seems expensive if we compare it with others. While choosing the best cloud server in Mumbai, we need to compare all the resources and prices. They are offering cpanel, SSL certificate and managed cloud hosting.

How To Decide Who Offers The Best Cloud Dedicated Server Package In Mumbai


When deciding on the best cloud hosting server, you should take a close look at the scalability of the server. The plan must have scalability for resources such as bandwidth, storage, CPU, IP addresses, RAM, and domain parks. eWebGuru offers you this scalability. You can easily choose a higher resource limit on the plan during purchase, or you can add resources later.

Many small businesses claim to be the best server providers, but when you buy a package that is a year or more old, you find that it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Then you will feel cheated. Many companies like eWebGuru offer money back guarantee so you can trust and buy eWebGuru dedicated cloud server.

When choosing a dedicated cloud hosting package, you should take care of the uptime guarantee. You can choose hosting providers that have good reviews on cloud service uptime. eWebGuru has many good reviews about the highest uptime servers.

Getting enough resources at an affordable price is very important when buying a dedicated cloud server. If you compare and think about the resources and features offered in all the above plans, you will find that eWebGuru offers a good amount of resources in an affordable plan.

Whenever a technical difficulty arises, you need good technical support. eWebGuru and the above companies are good at technical support for their customers.

We hope this comparison of the best cloud server packages in Mumbai will reduce your efforts to find the best plan for you. And this article will help you get the best deal from the best dedicated server company.

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