Best VPS Hosting Providers in Jaipur 2022 Comparison > eWebGuru Blog

Best VPS Hosting Providers in Jaipur 2022 Comparison > eWebGuru Blog

Virtual private servers are the best options for small and medium-sized businesses to run high-traffic websites without any hassle. This article will help you choose the best VPS hosting in Jaipur. Let’s compare the best players and decide which is the best option for you.

VPS Hosting Company in Jaipur

Before that, we need to look at the factors that make these companies the best hosting providers in Jaipur.

Scalable Hosting and Guaranteed Resources

As business growth drives more traffic and more data transfer, you’ll need guaranteed, scalable resources to handle it. More data storage, more RAM and a faster server will lead to the search for a new server provider if your current provider does not offer guaranteed and scalable resources. The following best Jaipur VPS providers offer guaranteed resources.

root access

Having full control over your virtual private server will allow your technical team to customize it according to the project requirements. Root access opens the door of customization to serve different purposes. Root access will save you the time of contacting the technical team and asking for possibilities and ways to customize the virtual server.

Multiple operating system options

VPS hosting gives you the option to choose the right operating system to host and run software or programs. This capability will not be present on shared hosting.

On call technical support

When you face a problem there will be someone to help you. This promise gives customers a lot of confidence. But very few companies rise to this challenge to provide the best customer service on call. While listing the best VPS hosting providers in Jaipur, we take a close look at quality customer support.

Competitive price

Competitive prices are the most attractive factor in choosing the best VPS hosting provider. We compare many VPS provider companies and list some of the best based on their plans and pricing. But we must bear in mind that we must not ignore other technical and security factors when choosing cheap accommodation.

Now let’s compare the best VPS hosting providers in Jaipur

FeatureseWebGuruGodaddyHostgatorAWSBluehostCPU4 Core2 Core3 Core1 Core2 coreRAM8 GB8 GB6 GB2 GB4 GBDisk40 GB100 GB80 GB40 GB60 GBBandwidthUnlimitedUndeclared2 TB3 TB3 TBDedicated IPYesYesYesYesYesRoot AccessYesYesYesUndeclaredYesDDOS ProtectionYesYesYesYesYesPrice18001999209 9160034 99

eWebGuru VPS Hosting

eWebGuru hosting services are becoming the most trusted hosting brand in India. They are the leading VPS hosting providers in Jaipur, their VPS plans start from 599 per month. But their Rs 1800 plan is the best in the industry. You will find this plans feature to be well balanced and perfectly priced compared to other players in the industry.

The best thing is that they stated all the features they offer at a price clearly on the site. With full root access, dedicated IP addresses, DDoS protection, and many more features, eWebGuru is the best VPS hosting company in Jaipur. You can park unlimited domains and get FREE SSL are two amazing benefits that eWebGuru offers you.

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2. GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy is another well-known brand in the hosting industry. They are offering 2 core CPU, 8 GB RAM and 100 GB SSD drive in their RS 1999 plan. GoDaddy offers root access and DDoS protection. In this price band, GoDaddy’s plan seems expensive as we can get 4 core CPU and unlimited bandwidth on eWebGuru’s plan.

GoDaddy also offers VPS plans at triple-digit pricing, but all plans offer 1-core CPUs. Compared to them, others offer modern and better CPUs and other resources.

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3. HostGator VPS Hosting

Hostgator offers 3-core CPU, 6GB RAM, 80GB SSD drive, and 2TB bandwidth in a similar price range of Rs 2099. Hostgator also has some lower price plans as well as more advanced plans. This company is a well-known hosting provider worldwide. But when we compare the feature and the price, we feel that this plan is expensive as they offer 3-core CPU and limited bandwidth for the users. On the other hand, at a lower price, we can get advanced CPU and unlimited bandwidth and modern features on eWebGuru.

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4. AWS VPS Hosting

AWS offers VPS plans worldwide. We found out that they offer 1 core CPU, 40GB storage, 2GB RAM and 3TB bandwidth in Rs 1600 plan. They offer few plans with lower price but 1 core CPU and limited bandwidth they make AWS more convenient. In a similar price range, other players offer more modern features and powerful CPUs. Having a good CPU, more RAM, and high bandwidth increases scalability in hosting.

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5 . BlueHost VPS Hosting

BlueHost is a global player in hosting services. They provide RS 3499 plan with 2 core CPU, 4GB RAM, 60GB disk space and 3TB bandwidth. We found that their plans are the most expensive on the list. Blue Host is indeed a great brand in the industry, but their prices are not competitive in India.

In Jaipur we can get better prices from eWebGuru and other companies. Again we saw fewer CPU cores and less RAM.

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We hope this article and comparison will save your time in choosing the best VPS plan in Jaipur. eWebGuru increased its customer base with the best prices and a strong customer support system. We try to give you the best comparison between the best hosting providers and similarly priced plans.

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