Can google ban my domain on google ads without saying?

Can google ban my domain on google ads without saying?


It’s possible that even though you resolved the malware issue on your WordPress website, the historical association with compromised sites may still be affecting the approval of your ad campaigns. Google takes website security and user safety seriously, and past incidents can impact the trustworthiness of a domain. Additionally, the disapproval based on “misleading representation” could be a result of residual doubts caused by the previous malware injection.

The fact that your mirrored website on the old shared host with a different domain was approved suggests that the issue might be specific to your original domain’s reputation. Google could be applying a form of “shadow-ban” on your domain, which restricts your ability to run ads while keeping your site visible in search results. This can be a challenging situation, as your domain is not officially blacklisted, but it faces limitations in ad campaigns.

To address this, you should reach out to Google Ads support, explaining the steps you’ve taken to resolve the malware issue and the tests you conducted with different hosting environments. Request a thorough review of your domain’s status and ad disapprovals. It’s essential to demonstrate that your website is now secure, adheres to Google’s policies, and that any past issues have been effectively resolved. Be patient during this process, as it might take some time for Google to reevaluate and clear your domain’s reputation.



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