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Comparison of the Best Reseller Hosting Company in Noida > eWebGuru Blog

Reseller hosting can play a key role in increasing revenue and can reduce costs in web development, application development, and other IT services. This article looks at the factors you should check before buying reseller hosting in Noida. Later, we compare some of the top reseller hosting companies in Noida to simplify your search. So let’s dive into the information.


Look out for the following features to buy the best reseller hosting company in Noida

Disk space and type

Who doesn’t like bigger space? When you plan to resell hosting, you have to be careful about the amount of disk space available to allocate more. Disk space is a vital feature that customers consider when reviewing their hosting plans and quotes. Not only space, but also disk types are also important in the case of server and VPS reselling.

Bandwidth Size

Narrow doors can create a problem when moving. Bandwidth size can affect the smoothness of data transfer in the same way. Having enough bandwidth will help you offer better plans to your customers. Bandwidth plays a huge role in delivering a smooth web experience. This increased bandwidth can make it easier for you and your customers’ websites and applications.

resold account limit

Before you buy any plan from the best selling hosting company in Noida, you should check how many accounts you can resell. This number can give you a general picture of the distribution of all resources. You can divide the resources by number of accounts to decide the scale.

Number of available IP addresses

You can decide how many IP addresses you need to host customer websites. Reseller hosting providers in Noida will offer you different plans and add-ons to get additional IP addresses late as well. Before purchasing any plan, you should maintain an estimated number of IPs that you may need to properly manage all sites and accounts.

1 Click App Installs

People love being able to install applications like WordPress, Magneto, Drupal with a single click on their hosting. So, you need to make sure that the reseller hosting provider offers control panels with one-click app install feature.

custom nameservers

Custom DNS will help you a lot. So make sure your best reseller hosting plan offers you a custom nameserver to offer you even more.

By checking out all of the reseller lift plan features and offers above, you will be able to decide the best plan for your needs.

Let us move further into the comparison of some of the best hosting companies in Noida that offer a reseller hosting.

Windows Reseller Hosting eWebGuru

eWebGuru is the best Noida reseller hosting provider due to its rich technical support and quality resources. They are well known in India for their well-crafted and reasonably priced reseller hosting plans.

They are also known for offering truly unlimited hosting resources on their plans. In their reseller hosting plan, they offer 50 GB SSD web space, unlimited domain parking, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited FTP accounts. They are charging just Rs 8950/- per year for this amazing package for beginners. With this plan you will get 2 custom nameservers, 1-click install apps. And fast customer service. eWebGuru ranks #1 on the list of the best reseller hosting companies.

Godaddy Reseller Hosting

Godaddy offers reseller programs as well as reseller hosting. They offer unlimited database, unlimited bandwidth, 3 CPUs, 6 GB of RAM and 120 GB of disk space. They offer cPanel, one-click installs, as well as a custom nameserver. Godaddy is the biggest hosting brand in the world, but they charge a huge amount of RS 33000 per year for this plan.

If you compare eWebGuru and Godaddy reseller plans, you will find that eWebGuru offers fairer prices and better customer support. Godaddy ranks #2 on the top reseller hosting list.

HostGator Reseller Hosting

Hostgator ranks at number 3. They are a well known band in the US and India. Hostgator offers services in INR and US dollars. In the Windows reseller hosting segment, they offer 300 GB of bandwidth, 100 GB of disk space, unlimited domain parks. Control panel, DNS nameservers and one-click installations for RS 24000 per year. We found this plan to be more expensive than Godaddy.

reseller club

Reselle club offers unlimited websites, free SSL certificate, 50 GB disk space, 1000 GB data transfer, free WHMCS, unlimited email, unlimited Plesk accounts at RS 24000 per year. We found that their plans are more expensive than eWebguru’s reseller hosting. The reseller club is reputable, but in terms of price, features, and customer support, other companies are better options.


We hope this comparison helps you get the best reseller hosting company in Noida. This article will help you analyze multiple hosting plans based on the features mentioned above. We found eWebguru to be the best option in Noida for Windows reseller hosting plans.

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