Custom Software Development: New Direction

Custom Software Development: New Direction

Through nearly 12 years of business, ModulesGarden has secured a strong position in the industry and continues to lead the field as the premier destination for web hosting providers looking for high-end modules for WHMCS. With our company poised for further growth, we realize the responsibility to be even more sensitive to the changing needs of our customers, which have been crucial in our history. Motivated by this compelling prospect, we proudly present the next chapter of our business journey.

Seeing new doors of opportunity open before our eyes, we are shifting our focus away from providing custom software development services within the same broad scope as we have in the past. Instead, we will dedicate our time and workforce exclusively to projects related to the most in-demand platforms, mainly WHMCS, but also cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

By dedicating our expertise to the systems most used by our clientele, we are guaranteed to provide them with the WHMCS modules they are looking for the most. But what kind of long-term impact will this change have exactly? Essentially, the new direction will allow us to avoid splitting future development efforts among multiple significantly different projects. This will free up a lot of additional resources that we will immediately leverage to deliver more frequent releases, stronger code, more effective support, and ultimately enjoy a closer and more harmonious relationship with our valued customers.

While this change may have taken some by surprise, it was made with the excitement of meeting all of your expectations regarding our WHMCS offering. No more distractions, now we are focused solely on what really matters for your business! This heartfelt promise naturally extends to our developer outsourcing service with the same reliable power you’ve always appreciated, now even more affordable! Whatever task you need to handle – development work of any kind, software maintenance, priority treatment, expert insight – we’ve got you covered.

Filled with determination and a renewed sense of purpose, we are very confident that this next phase we are embarking on will bring with it a remarkable journey of progress, not only for our company, but more importantly, for you, our beloved customers. Our steadfast commitment is to improve every little part of the customer experience, from WHMCS module updates and more frequently released new products, through improved module performance, to seamless interaction with our support agents everywhere. the departments. With you by our side, we can’t wait to take on new challenges and see where this adventure takes us!

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