Dedicated hosting vs Cloud hosting: how to choose?

Dedicated hosting vs Cloud hosting: how to choose?


The main objective of the Solar Communications team is to help you select the best service at the best price. Quite often, while discussing the details of an application, our clients ask for help deciding what type of hosting service to request. These questions are the reason for creating this article.

Let’s define the basics of Dedicated & Cloud Hosting.

DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING Look, everything is simple: the benefits of dedicated servers are: data control, DDoS protection and performance. Dedicated servers can be the best option for companies of any size. It doesn’t matter if you need to manage a busy website, store and process large volumes of data, or handle mission-critical applications – we recommend that you choose this type of hosting. Dedicated servers can be used to function as a real cloud environment with the help of some Solar Communications products.

CLOUD HOSTING Without a doubt, one of the best hosting options available today is cloud hosting, which runs virtual machines on a fundamental network of physically connected computers. All users and sites supported by these virtual machines can share the same real hardware resources. As a result, cloud hosting plans can provide customers with a wide range of services at a lower price than traditional VPS hosting plans, including high availability and scalability. You can easily access remote server resources from the Internet thanks to cloud hosting. option. Because resources are shared among a group of workstations and duplicated across all servers, a cloud hosting solution offers a high level of stability. If one machine malfunctions and breaks down, the operation of the entire website and any other websites hosted in that pool will not be affected if one computer has a problem or crashes.

BEST FOR YOU Scale is where these environments diverge the most. The dedicated server can be a great starting point if you want to launch as soon as possible and don’t mind scale. Plus, it’s a great choice for a dynamic and growing startup that values ​​and expects the consistency of a reliable server because it’s robust and provides higher performance.

However, a cloud hosting environment is worth considering if you want a flexible hosting arrangement, a high degree of site speed, and ample storage. You can have access to a virtually unlimited amount of server resources when you use cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can be the ideal option for websites with fluctuating traffic volumes or those that are growing rapidly. You can use the most server power and most flexible pricing models available with cloud hosting.


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