Eliminating the most common internal objections to VMware

Eliminating the most common internal objections to VMware

VMware is a powerful and flexible virtualization solution that can help businesses of all sizes reduce costs and improve efficiency. With VMware, organizations can create virtual machines (VMs) with the same or better performance than physical systems and manage their IT infrastructure more easily. It also offers greater security and scalability for large deployments.

In addition to its cost savings, organizations often choose VMware for its superior performance and scalability.

However, despite the capability and power that VMware offers, many organizations have reservations when it comes to adopting VMware as an integral part of their IT infrastructure. From security concerns to perceived complexity, quibbles run far and wide as to why a tool like VMware might not be welcome in a business.

Removing the most common office objections to VMware can take a business to new frontiers. Learn more about VMware and why it might be the right fit for your business.

Why Liquid Web moved into the private cloud hosting space

For years, Liquid Web offered traditional hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They continue to do so today precisely because public and private clouds are not always the right choice.

However, the rise of the cloud (and its increasing adoption) caught the attention of Liquid Web customers almost immediately. While their VPS Hosting and dedicated solutions remain best in class, the guiding lights have always been to offer the midmarket the solutions they want and the right solutions for their business needs.

With that in mind, Liquid Web has been quick to develop and introduce private cloud solutions. Many organizations are looking for the best possible technology to meet their needs, and indeed, the cloud is the right choice for each.

Why Liquid Web partners with VMware

Early on, Liquid Web recognized that delivering the best private cloud solutions to its customers meant offering the best tools as part of those solutions. For Liquid Web, the choice was clear: VMware.

State-of-the-art technology for companies

Using VMware technology, Liquid Web can deliver superior performance and scalability while reducing hardware and software costs. Additionally, by using its cloud platform, businesses can easily manage their IT infrastructure while taking advantage of advanced technologies such as machine learning.

A wide range of use cases for companies around the world

Liquid Web and VMware provide businesses around the world with a wide range of use cases for their IT infrastructure. Businesses can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and benefit from advanced technologies such as automation. Plus, VMware’s secure platform gives businesses peace of mind knowing their data is safe.

Customer needs and wishes

Many customers come to Liquid Web with specific needs and wants that require VMware technology. Some of the most common requests include:

The ability to quickly provision new virtual machines. A secure environment to host applications and data. High availability and scalability for large implementations. An easy way to manage your IT infrastructure. Easy access to your virtual machines from anywhere. Savings through reduced hardware and software costs.

Liquid Web’s confidence in delivering VMware is unwavering and thousands of customers agree.

The most common objections to using VMware

Despite its many advantages, there are still some common office objections to VMware in an office environment. Take a look at the most common objections and how you can overcome them.


One of the common objections in the office is that VMware is too expensive. VMware can reduce hardware costs by eliminating the need for physical servers and other expensive IT infrastructure. It also allows companies to reduce IT staff costs, thanks to its automated management capabilities. In the end, the long-term savings far outweigh the high initial cost.


Another objection is that VMware is too complex and difficult to manage. While it can be complicated, there are many tools available to make it easier. In addition, Liquid Web has certified engineers on staff who can help businesses with the setup and management of their VMware environment. Liquid Web’s managed VMware Private Cloud solution removes all VMware management activity from your team, freeing up your own resources and delivering all of VMware’s extensive capabilities.

vendor lock-in

Some companies fear that the VMware implementation will limit them to a single vendor. Selecting an independent cloud provider, such as Liquid Web, which offers multiple deployment options and the ability to migrate between them, alleviates this concern.

limited customizations

Another common objection is that VMware doesn’t offer enough customization options. While there are some limitations, the platform supports a variety of application and integration requirements that can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, VMware offers a wide range of APIs for additional customization.

security concerns

Finally, some companies are concerned that VMware is not secure. However, VMware is designed with security in mind and comes with robust tools to monitor system performance and prevent unauthorized access. It also offers built-in encryption that helps protect sensitive data from being compromised.

Overcoming these objections

By understanding these common office objections, companies can take steps to address them and make an informed decision when considering VMware. To ensure their success, they should seek the guidance of a qualified professional who can help them identify their needs and customize the platform accordingly. Consider these best practices to create a business case for adopting VMware in your organization:

Start with a rock-solid plan

Companies need to start with a solid plan when implementing VMware. This means clearly defining the business goals and objectives of the project, as well as establishing a schedule for implementation. In addition, it is essential to have an experienced team that can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Define business results

To realize the full potential of VMware, organizations must define and measure specific business outcomes. This includes establishing trackable performance metrics to ensure the project is on track and meeting or exceeding expectations. Additionally, it is important to establish a process to monitor and adapt the system as necessary to maintain optimal performance.

Create a roadmap for the results, not the activity

Finally, companies need to create a roadmap that focuses on results rather than activities. This means setting realistic, achievable and measurable goals, while also taking into account any potential risks or challenges that may arise along the way. By following these steps, businesses can ensure they are getting the most out of their VMware deployment.

Gain buy-in from leadership and team

In addition to the technical aspects of implementing VMware, it is important to gain leadership and team buy-in. Cultivate an understanding among staff that VMware is a valuable business investment and will lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Communicate the benefits of VMware from the start

The key to increasing peer buy-in and leadership is to communicate the benefits right away. Explain how the system can improve performance, reduce costs, and streamline processes for the business. It’s also important to demonstrate a commitment to customer service by providing prompt support and addressing customer concerns quickly and effectively.

Educate about the results

Brief the team on the potential outcomes of the VMware deployment. This will help ensure that everyone is on board with the project and understands how their roles may be affected by the implementation of this technology.

Address concerns and questions head-on

It is essential to address any concerns or questions that may arise during the implementation process. This includes providing technical support and making sure everyone understands how the system works and what they need to do to be successful.

Keep leadership up to date

Also, make sure everyone stays up-to-date on the latest VMware-related news and developments. This includes any new features, updates, or security patches that have been released. By staying informed, your team will be better prepared to take advantage of all the benefits this platform has to offer.

Show success stories

Finally, it is important to show successful implementation stories from other companies. This will help demonstrate the potential of VMware and the success it can achieve when implemented correctly. Showcasing these stories can even provide guidance on how to best use the platform for maximum benefit.

Take advantage of a VMware partner

Companies should consider leveraging a VMware partner to help with the implementation process. These partners can provide valuable expertise and guidance on best practices for implementing and managing VMware solutions. Additionally, they can be a great resource for troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the project.

Cost optimization

To ensure a successful and cost-effective implementation, companies need to focus on cost optimization. This means investigating ways to reduce costs while ensuring that the system meets all relevant security requirements. In addition, companies must create an ongoing budget for the maintenance and support of their VMware environment.

complexity reduction

Companies should also look for ways to simplify the implementation process. This includes identifying any potential areas of complexity and simplifying them where possible. By doing this, companies can ensure that their VMware environment runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

A deeper well of knowledge and experience

The most successful VMware implementations come from organizations that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. With the right team, companies can ensure that their solutions are implemented correctly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to operations.

A clear case for VMware

VMware is a powerful virtualization solution that can help organizations of all sizes reduce costs and improve efficiency. By eliminating the most common office objections to VMware and properly addressing them, companies can be sure they are making an informed decision when considering this platform. With the right planning, support, and equipment, businesses can ensure their virtual environment is optimized for success.

Liquid Web has the experience and knowledge to provide businesses with the necessary guidance and support throughout this process. Contact Liquid Web today to learn more about how our services can help you get the most out of your VMware deployment.

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