Valentine's Day promotion at ModulesGarden

Find your perfect match during our Valentine’s Week!

They say all you need is love. But some extra savings doesn’t hurt either, right? That’s why this year we’re going the extra mile to redefine Valentine’s Day and bring you a full week of our Valentine’s Promotion with discounts that rapidly increase from the starting level of 10%. A perfect opportunity to pamper yourself and find your way into the hearts of your customers at the same time!

It takes two to tango

You may already be familiar with our bulk order discount, but if you’re not, we’re here to explain it to you. It’s one of our guaranteed price rebates that grows with the number of WHMCS modules you add to your shopping cart, whether they’re annual licenses or open source versions. Usually, the promotion starts with a 5% discount on at least 3 products ordered in bulk, but especially for you, we have decided to improve these conditions!

Valentine's Day promotion at ModulesGarden

Only during Valentine’s Week at ModulesGarden, you can access the Bulk Order Discount by ordering as few as two modules, plus savings start at 10% off! In the same way, you will pay 15% less for 5 products, 20% less for 10 products… and so on up to 30%! The more the merrier, so it’s your time to be a matchmaker!

Oh, and one more thing: it’s not without reason that we refer to the Bulk Order Discount as just one of several guaranteed offers. This was done to make sure you know that it is freely combinable with all other discounts that are automatically applied at checkout, such as the Deal of the Day or its longer-running Deal of the Week edition, as well as the Recommended Product discount. .

Valentine's Day promotion at ModulesGarden

Match made in heaven!

So love a good discount but still not sure what to buy? Let’s help! We’ve chosen several unbeatable duos within our WHMCS product base that complement each other like no other:

Proxmox VE VPS ❤ Products Distributor

When together, these two will not only help you grow a circle of trusted resellers, but will also make your reselling experience second to none, with the range of products available expanded to include Proxmox virtual machines.

DNS Manager ❤ Extended cPanel

Combine these true legends if you want your customers to experience the undeniable convenience of managing their cPanel hosting accounts, along with DNS zones and records, without ever leaving your website.

Multibrand SMS Center ❤

This innovative combination makes it not only possible, but extremely easy to communicate with your customers via text messages, whether sent individually or in bulk, for each of your brands individually. Is there anything better than this?

OpenStack VPS and Cloud Server Mapper ❤

There is no other pair like it; we mean, one that would help you efficiently provision servers from over 20 different vendors through your WHMCS while also making sure they exactly match (pun intended!) those of your customers. needs.

CRM ❤ Report Generator

Imagine your secret weapon for complex customer base management joining forces with the suite of intelligent reports on the ins and outs of your customer relationships. Yes, is cool!

Discount Center ❤ Lagom One Step Order Form

Let’s just say that your customers will be attracted not only by the trending order form on your website, but also by the various forms of discounts that you display, all thanks to this famous integration.

Hetzner VPS ❤ Advanced Billing

This lovely couple is equally responsible for allowing you to automate the management of Hetzner’s virtual machines and charge your customers as fairly as possible, that is, only for the resources they have actually consumed.

cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin Extended ❤ WordPress Administrator

Each of these well-functioning control panel alternatives is meant to save your customers the hassle of leaving your website every time they need to perform a key action on their web hosting accounts or WordPress installations.

Domain Reseller ❤ Extended Domain Orders

If you want to unlock the full potential of TLD reselling, rely on a winning combination of tools designed to help you effectively manage your resellers and expand the range of domain search tools in your system.

Product Cross Selling ❤ Product Free Trial Manager

Increase your sales by first allowing customers to try your products completely free of charge, and then suggesting additional products and plugins while they shop on your website. win win!

Well, if that doesn’t make your heart beat faster, we don’t know what else would. However, unlike the deep sympathy for our customers, this promotion will not last forever. You only have until February 15, so get your modules in a jiffy!

Happy coincidence!

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