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Plesk, a leading web hosting management platform that is a member of the WebPros family of brands, has recently introduced Sitejet Builder for Plesk, a free website builder that is fully integrated into Plesk. This website builder would make it possible for users of any level to easily create and manage websites in a short amount of time, and it does not require any prior knowledge of coding.

Sitejet is developed to increase the success of online professionals, ecommerce companies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and agencies. It is designed with the most recent technology and is appropriate for hosting settings.

“Our primary goal has always been to enhance customer and partner experiences through continuous investment in technology modernization and innovation,” said Sean Melton, Chief Marketing Officer of WebPros. “With the release of Sitejet Builder for Plesk, we are empowering our partners with a state-of-the-art DIY website builder for their customers that is easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and speeds up the publishing time immensely. With Sitejet, you’ll not only keep pace with SaaS-based DIY builders but also conquer new markets and increase revenue by retaining 100% of your profits.”

Easy Website Development

Sitejet Builder would simplify the process of developing a website for users at all skill levels, whether in terms of their knowledge of design, content, or web programming. The intuitive editor would make it possible for anybody to swiftly develop and publish websites that are speedy, responsive, and favorable to search engine optimization (SEO).

On the Plesk server, websites are automatically deployed, hosted, and protected, which enables the server to manage rising demand without sacrificing its speed. The integration of Sitejet Builder into Plesk would simplify the process of managing domains and scaling, giving improved multi-site administration in the process.

Included with the Sitejet Builder for Plesk are the following:

140+ website templates that have been professionally designed
Websites that are responsive, quick, and search engine optimization-friendly
AI text generator that can produce copy and insert it directly into the page white labeling capabilities available for Plesk partners
Partners Keep One Hundred Percent of Their Profits

Sitejet Builder is pre-enabled for all newly installed Plesk servers (Plesk 18.0.55 and after), and it will soon be auto-enabled for previously installed servers as well (Sitejet is compatible with Plesk 18.0.54 and later). Sitejet Builder may be instantly activated by Plesk customers and partners by using the Install Application button on the Plesk Domain Card. Alternatively, it can be located in the Plesk Extension Catalog. Users are able to construct Sitejet websites after the application has been installed by going to the Add Domain section of their dashboard.


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