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GMO Internet Group implements web acceleration engine, WEXAL


GMO Internet Group booth

GMO Internet Group, a leading international provider of Internet infrastructure services listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has introduced an innovative web acceleration engine called WEXAL into its shared web hosting services, ConoHa WING and Rental Server. . This move marks the first time that WEXAL, developed by Japanese company Prime Strategy, is available on a shared web hosting server, expanding its reach beyond virtual private servers (VPS).

The decision to implement WEXAL on shared servers was driven by GMO Internet Group’s commitment to providing user-friendly services and staying ahead of the competitive shared web hosting market.

GMO Internet Group’s ConoHa WING would be recognized as one of the fastest shared web hosting services in Japan, serving a wide range of customers, including bloggers and corporate websites. With an increasing number of individuals and businesses venturing into website creation, GMO Internet Group recognized a need for a service that offers search engine optimization (SEO) measures and faster loading speeds without the need for specialized knowledge. Although the company had been continuously working to improve speed since the launch of its service, finding an optimal front-end solution proved challenging.

Looking for a state-of-the-art acceleration solution, GMO Internet Group turned to Prime Strategy, a partner known for its KUSANAGI virtual machine. After discussions and collaboration, WEXAL was introduced as a standard feature of GMO Internet Group’s hosting services, allowing customers to increase the speed of their websites with a simple one-click activation. This innovative feature not only set GMO Internet Group apart from its competitors. It would also help advance the Internet industry as a whole.

Solving implementation challenges

Prior to the WEXAL integration, shared web hosting services in Japan faced difficulties in distinguishing themselves due to similar specifications and service lineups, according to Prime Strategy. GMO Internet Group saw front-end acceleration as a key area for differentiation, as it was one aspect that had yet to be effectively addressed by competing services. By implementing WEXAL, GMO Internet Group intended to go beyond content optimization and user experience improvements, providing clients with a powerful tool to increase new signups and retention rates.

The addition of WEXAL had a significant impact on GMO Internet Group’s shared web hosting services. The company became the first Japanese shared web hosting service to adopt WEXAL, gaining a competitive advantage and experiencing increased subscriptions and better customer retention rates.

The implementation of WEXAL on shared web hosting servers was not without its challenges. As a pioneer initiative, GMO Internet Group and Prime Strategy had to address technical considerations and co-locate WEXAL with the existing web server to minimize scalability and potential performance issues. Through collaboration and innovation, Prime Strategy successfully containerized WEXAL and improved its performance, enabling GMO Internet Group to achieve its goals and bring the project to fruition.

Integration of WEXAL in the services of GMO Internet Group

In keeping with its brand concept, GMO Internet Group strove to design shared web hosting services that were easy to use and aligned with the needs of its customers. Despite WEXAL’s high functionality, the company sought to simplify the user experience, ensuring that clients could maximize their benefits with minimal effort. Aimed at beginners, aimed to provide a smooth installation process with a one-click feature, while ConoHa offered an advanced mode for more experienced users. By tailoring features to each brand’s characteristics, GMO Internet Group improved the overall user experience while remaining consistent with its brand identity.

The development process to integrate WEXAL into GMO Internet Group’s services was remarkably fast, according to Prime Strategy and its client, taking just three months. The well-developed APIs provided by Prime Strategy would facilitate the smooth integration of the control panel and the WEXAL container. This efficient collaboration enabled GMO Internet Group to launch the new shared web hosting services on schedule.

WEXAL Intellectual Property (Patents)

The technologies comprising WEXAL and AI David have been filed as an international application under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty as Automatic Display Control Method for Web Content (WEXAL) and High Speed ​​Automatic Display Control Method. speed for web content (AI David) .

About the main strategy

Prime Strategy’s business philosophy is “Everything we do is for the development of the enterprise OSS ecosystem”, and the company aspires to produce social value by addressing societal concerns with technology-focused solutions.

In addition to developing and providing ‘KUSANAGI Stack’ web acceleration solution from major clouds etc., the company from Japan also provides fully managed support services such as ‘KUSANAGI Managed Service’ which provides consistent maintenance and management of WordPress and other CMS and servers, cloud integration services, and license services. Prime Strategy also provides cloud integration and licensing services.

You can find more information about WEXAL here.


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