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Hostinger Partners with Monarx for Web Hosting Malware Protection

Hostinger employeesMonarx, a provider of Linux web hosting security solutions, has announced a partnership with Hostinger, a global web hosting company serving millions of websites, online stores and domains. The partnership aims to provide enhanced malware protection and lower operating costs for Hostinger’s shared web hosting plans.

Under the partnership, Monarx will secure Hostinger’s shared web hosting plans 24/7 with “easy deployment” and instant malware protection for end users. Hostinger shared domain owners would enjoy automatic protection with no configuration or installation required. Monarx has also created additional features and functionality to enhance Hostinger’s existing security measures.

Some of the additional features include performance tuning and optimizations through the integration of auditd (the Linux audit daemon), a new agent package for executable process monitoring resolution, and a new agent ability to identify and remediate malicious processes. Monarx has also created a site cleanup service that has drastically reduced ticket resolution time for Hostinger customers, according to the companies.

Cloud-based malware protection

Jeremy Warren, CEO of Monarx, expressed his pride in being Hostinger’s chosen security solutions provider. He also noted that Hostinger is a large and sophisticated partner that experiences a high volume of advanced attacks. He stressed the importance of the partnership for everything to run smoothly and securely with great technology and collaboration.

Monarx’s hybrid agent and cloud-based malware protection system provides off-premise scanning, resulting in minimal performance impact. The system has been consistently proven to proactively, automatically and securely detect and prevent more malicious activity than other tools. Hosting providers around the world can save more time and money with Monarx and generate additional revenue by reselling active protection to their customers.

Web hosting management is made easy and obvious to use in the Hostinger interface. Online designers can rest easy knowing that the server is up to date with the latest technologies and that the service plans include tools to make their websites “safe and fast”. It includes a specially created hPanel (an option for cPanel/WHM), a highly extensible interface for easy-to-use management, monitoring and improvement of web hosting services.

Teams of 1,000+ Hostinger employees are located in Lithuania, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries around the world. The web host is employee owned and has more than 1 million users in 156 countries.

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