How to get clients for your web hosting business?

How to get clients for your web hosting business?

We’ve all heard of content marketing… and we’re all familiar with AI-generated content.

The problem with AI-generated content is that it doesn’t take SEO into account.

Creating content that no one sees is a waste of time. You have to take keywords into account. What is the volume of the keywords you are trying to create content with? How competitive are those keywords? Whether you are creating articles for your blog or videos for your website/social media channel, it is important that you rank higher in the search engine.

So… should you start creating content on your own?

If you target a short keyword that is more competitive, chances are no one will see your content unless you promote it heavily. And if you target long-term keywords with negligible volume, you’ll definitely rank higher but without a significant number of audiences. If you are also facing this problem, don’t worry, this problem is faced by most of the money-strapped hosting providers who are struggling to promote their services online.

How about targeting short keywords using a lot of content, targeting long tail keywords around that competitive short keyword? For example, if I target a keyword ‘cPanel’ using several different articles/videos on cPanel and making a playlist (in the case of YouTube videos) or group (in the case of a WordPress blog) pointing to the main keyword ‘cPanel’. It will compete better than a single video/article in cPanel. Your chances of ranking higher will increase.

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