World Backup Day 2023

How to protect your privacy in the 21st century

In light of World Backup Day, we feel it right to raise awareness of the current issues around data loss. We feel the need to share the importance of safeguarding your data and keeping your devices safe.

Over the years, many individuals and organizations have struggled with data breaches or loss, resulting in lost customers, revenue, and reputation, not to mention legal consequences. Today, data storage ranges from facial recognition thanks to AI and improved technology, to details about your bank account or address, which we don’t want to divulge. Whether you store your personal information, products and projects that have yet to be launched, or customer details, you need to make sure that everything is properly backed up and backed up.

Some of the most memorable breaches due to backup issues, such as the UK prison system, where sensitive information on more than 80,000 inmates was leaked, were still not a lesson to some. Even last year, more than a decade after some of the largest data loss incidents, CashApp suffered a breach that resulted in the personal data of some 8.2 million customers leaking and the loss of information that they will not be able to recover. .

Either way, the word “backup” should just sound familiar to everyone these days. Essentially, it is a process of moving your data to a secure location. As an example, being a USB memory or a remote server, it is used to store your original data and avoid possible loss of the same. Easily accessible storage is a convenient way to successfully save and retrieve your data, which is a solid foundation for any online business. However, you should be aware that in some cases an intruder can also access them, so we recommend that you spread your data in some secure locations.

World Backup Day 2023

We are aware that this may be a lengthy process for some, but it is also absolutely crucial to protect your data. Due to the number of violations and consequences mentioned above, we offer R1Soft backups for WHMCS to help prevent that from happening to your most valuable asset: your customers.

As stated above, well-executed security plays an important role in building a successful business, especially in terms of fostering strong customer relationships, which is why R1Soft Backups For WHMCS focuses specifically on providing its clientele with accounts. of R1Soft Server Backup Manager configurable in all key aspects, such as size or type and level of compression. At the same time, you’ll be able to create as many R1Soft packages as you see fit, as well as perform basic management right where the pulse of your business is felt most: in your WHMCS.

With all of that in mind, we hope that you always exercise caution and ensure that your data is stored in a secure location. Do not hesitate to consult our module and invite the future of server data protection to your offer!

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