How to Sell Jewelry Online: A Complete Ecommerce Guide

How to Sell Jewelry Online: A Complete Ecommerce Guide

Jewelry is a highly sought after consumer product with universal appeal. It’s popular with men and women of all ages and cultures, which means there’s a huge potential market you can tap into.

Selling jewelry online ensures that you have access to a wide customer base, and it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of buyers any time soon.

Also, the online jewelry market is thriving. Many people enjoy browsing and buying jewelry online, which makes it an ideal place to sell your wares.

Additionally, it is a platform where people can share their past heirlooms and find their next favorite piece of jewelry, creating a sense of community between buyers and sellers.

So, if you are considering starting an online jewelry store, rest assured that you are entering a market with enormous potential for success. Read on to learn how to sell jewelry online.

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Making Your Own Jewelry to Sell Online vs. Sourcing Products

When it comes to sourcing your products, you have two options: you can create your own jewelry or purchase products from other designers. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to decide which option works best for your business. Consider your skills, resources, and budget when making this decision.

Also consider that fashions are continually evolving. To keep your customers engaged and interested, you’ll need to update your product range regularly and keep up with the latest trends and styles.

Fashion is a dynamic and constantly evolving niche, with new trends and fashions emerging all the time. To be successful in this industry, you will need to stay on top of these trends and incorporate them into your online store to keep up with the demands of your customers.

What you need to sell jewelry online

Now that you’ve decided whether to create your own jewelry to sell online or buy, here are a few more considerations to get you started.

Inventory vs. dropshipping

If you are learning how to sell jewelry online, one of the first things to consider is where you will get your jewelry from. You have two options: inventory or dropshipping.

Buying wholesale inventory means buying large quantities of jewelry and storing it in a location of your choice. This is the traditional way of doing business and has advantages and disadvantages to consider.


You have more control over the quality of the jewelry as you can touch and examine it. You can send the jewelry faster and as you like. Storage costs are usually low, since jewelry is small and can be stored in your garage or basement.


Buying in bulk can be more expensive due to warehousing, shipping, and packaging costs. Purchasing large amounts of inventory can result in unsold merchandise. More effort is required on your part, including shipping and packaging.

Direct delivery, on the other hand, involves partnering with a dropshipping provider who handles all aspects of packing, storing, and shipping your jewelry. Your primary responsibility is to manage your website, market it, and provide customer service.


Drop shipping is usually less expensive in the long run. The supplier takes care of the time-consuming shipping and packing tasks. You don’t have to worry about finding expensive storage space or cluttering up your garage.


You have less control over the shipping process and your customers’ items may take longer to arrive. You may not test the products before distributing them. Customer service becomes more difficult since you are not the one accepting returns or shipping the products. .

Consider these factors carefully when deciding whether to purchase inventory or use a dropshipping provider for your online jewelry business.

an online store

If you are new to selling jewelry online, you may not be familiar with ecommerce website builders. These tools allow you to create and customize your own online store with no coding knowledge required.

Having your own online store gives you full control over everything. This means that you can design your website to reflect your unique brand and style. Best of all, it’s easy to get started and set up your online store quickly.

The easiest way to create your own online store is to use an ecommerce website builder, which eliminates hiring an expensive developer. All you need to do is choose a template, customize it, add your products, customize your settings, choose a domain name, and publish.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting. WooCommerce is built on WordPress, so it’s quick and easy to get started. fully managed WooCommerce Hosting Nexcess takes care of your site, so you can focus on your business.

shipping materials

Shipping isn’t as exciting as taking artistic product photos, but it’s just as important.

Origin address for shipment

First, you need a shipping location. Your shipping-from address informs your e-commerce creator about the tax that is applied to orders and is required to calculate shipping rates and process returns.

Shipping destinations

Shipping zones are simply the areas you ship to; for example, you could have the United States as one shipping zone and the rest of the world as another. You have the option to go small or large scale.

Shipping types

If you plan to sell jewelry online, it’s important to consider the different types of shipping options available to you. Depending on the eCommerce builder you choose and your plan, you may have access to different shipping methods. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main types.

Exact Shipping Costs – You can charge customers the exact amount it costs to ship the item via regular postage or a courier service such as USPS.

Flat Rate Shipping: This option allows you to charge a fixed price for shipping certain products and/or orders. For example, you can charge $3 to ship orders anywhere in the US.

Free shipping – This is an attractive option for customers and can be a great way to encourage purchases. You can offer free shipping for all orders or limit it to certain products, or use it as a reward for orders over a certain amount.

Calculated Shipping Rates – With this option, you can offer customers the lowest shipping rates using real-time shipping quotes from couriers like USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, and others.

Rates based on price and weight: You can charge shipping based on the price or weight of the product using regular postal services.

Payment options

When selling jewelry online, price is crucial to attracting customers. Gemstones or handmade items should be priced to reflect their value and the time and skill that went into making them.

Accepting payment from customers is a simple process that involves linking your online store to your bank account. There are several payment options available, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay, depending on your location and currency, banking preferences, and customer demographics.

It is essential to be clear ecommerce return policy instead in case a customer needs to cancel or return their purchase. A well-defined policy protects both the customer’s right to repair and the interests of the company.

How do you sell your jewelry?

Selling jewelry online has become more accessible with the rise of e-commerce technology. However, to build a successful online jewelry business, you must create a brand strategy that encompasses your products, values, and target audience.

Finding your specialty is more than just identifying your niche market segment, although this is an important first step. It also addresses who you intend to sell to and how you intend to obtain the goods in the first place. Finding your niche is similar to developing a ecommerce business plan.

Building a customer base is crucial, and loyalty programs you can keep customers coming back to your store again and again.

Marketing your jewelry online

You can also use video content, such as product videos or customer testimonials, to market your products and brand. Social media is a powerful tool to reach your target audience.

To market your jewelry, you may want to focus your efforts on Facebook and Instagram paid ads. Take high-quality product photos and consider modeling your products on friends and family. Email marketing can also be effective when linked to coupons and rewards.

Developing a content marketing strategy that includes blog posts, product images, buyers guides, and videos is essential to attracting new customers. Use programming software like Buffer to speed up the process.

Remember that when it comes to marketing your products, creativity and consistency are keys to building a successful online jewelry business.

Additional sales and marketing techniques.

If you’re learning how to sell jewelry online, it’s important to know how and where to promote your products. Here are some key strategies to consider:

paid promotion

An effective way to promote your store is through paid advertising. The following five strategies can help you maximize your marketing efforts.

SEO – Search engine optimization is crucial in helping your store rank higher on search engines like Google. Ecommerce website builders have SEO tools and guides to help you optimize your website. Multi-Channel Selling – Selling on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Instagram, can increase your reach and sales. Email Marketing: Email is a powerful tool for promoting your products, announcing sales and discounts, and interacting with your customers. Social Media – Use social media to promote your brand and products, and engage with your customers. Customer Reviews – Encourage your customers to leave reviews as they can help build trust and increase sales.

Competitor analysis

It’s important to research your competitors to see what they offer and how they promote their products. This can help you identify areas where you can differentiate yourself and stand out in the marketplace.


The price of your jewelry is a crucial decision. A good rule of thumb is to start with four times your material and packaging cost. This can help ensure that you are not working for free or losing money. Consider whether you will charge for shipping and have a clear return policy in case there are problems with your products.

Start Selling Jewelry Online with Managed WooCommerce

Selling jewelry online offers a world of opportunities for small businesses to reach a broader customer base and expand their brand. However, consumers should know that they can trust your website with their personal and financial information.

A safe and secure website is not only necessary to build trust with customers, it is also essential to the long-term success of your online jewelry business.

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