ModulesGarden Team - Christmas Party

Magnificent Journey – 2022 Abridged!

The Christmas and New Years holidays, which we just got back from celebrating, were a fairly quiet time reflecting on all the great achievements and releases we’ve had in 2022. Having sat down for a fabulous team meeting, we took a trip down the road from memory and we share the pleasure of seeing how far this year has taken us, both in terms of software development and personal growth.

ModulesGarden Team - Christmas Party

First of all, we wish you all the best for the coming year, dear customers: may 2023 be a completely new development chapter for you, with each day as significant and successful as possible. Let us now uncork the champagne and toast the next 12 months of achievement!

Being a part of your business efforts throughout 2022 continued to put bright smiles on our faces, such as the following:

As you can see, we’re not afraid of candid photos, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pose like a pro!

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Without further ado, let us cordially invite you to step back in time a bit and see just how busy 2022 really was for the irreplaceable team at ModulesGarden.

Lagom One Step Order Form for WHMCS Debut

Converting your page visitors to paying customers was something we crossed off our to-do list in May with the launch of our trending order form. Expanded customization and a variety of designs, integration with the Discount Center for WHMCS and Payment Gateway Charges for WHMCS… Although it will only be available for a few months, this single module has already become an advanced piece of software, to the point of its version 1.1.0 Being the biggest update released so far!

PanelAlpha – The WordPress revolution is just around the corner!

With the debut of the client area, the launch of the Personal Hosting Toolkit, and the implementation of the Fast Onboarding Process, this ultimate platform for managing WordPress instances has seen great progress in 2022. As INBS.Software, we are actively contributing to its development and it is, of course, an emotion to break the news that PanelAlphaThe self-administration area is coming. Stay tuned as our creation will officially launch in 2023!

Our 10th anniversary was celebrated with a bang!

In September 2021, our company crossed the 10-year mark; From the very beginning, we have focused on a friendly atmosphere between employees and rightly so. celebrated the decade of entrepreneurship with a journey made together. Having created beautiful memories, we are ready to live up to your expectations for decades to come!

Some untold details revealed

Konrad Keck has been there since day one, so who could have better told the story of how to transform an ambitious startup into a well-oiled software house? in a personal conversation, shed a new light on our offering and explained how we still live up to our customers’ expectations after being in business for so long. A definite must-read guaranteed to give you plenty to think about and put a smile on your face!

New feature of our marketplace: the roadmap

For us it is more than clear that being transparent strengthens the trust of our clients; Precisely for this reason, we add a “road map” next to the changelog section to tell you about everything you can expect at the next milestone for a particular WHMCS module. If we already have a development strategy designed, you will definitely be the first to know more!

Fully in tune with WHMCS V8.6 and PHP 8.1

Barely two months after WHMCS V8.6 was released to general availability, we can say with great confidence that the vast majority of modules in our huge offering have been equipped with flawless support for PHP 8.1. The full reach of our official compatibility list It is quite a sight to behold! For now, check out these few gems:

Of course, ticking WHMCS V8.6 compatibility off our to-do list doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. The first modules compatible with V8.7.0 Beta are already on the way to the market!

The last year in figures

Statistics always help to put things into a more imaginable perspective. Let’s see what the numbers tell us!

276 module updates released in total 4 new software pieces: 3 milestone releases: 177 enterprise software development projects completed 7,852 tickets successfully resolved 2,615 new customers 55 module reviews created by our customers

Christmas promotion in ModulesGarden

As not a fraction of this success story could have been possible without you, please allow us to kindly remind you of our Christmas themed promotion. Go with the flow and grab any WHMCS product from our marketplace at a 10% discount applicable through Sunday, January 8, 2023!

With the new year just around the corner and your planner already full of upcoming milestones and colossal solutions, we welcome 2023 filled with the same motivation and dedication you’ve known for so many years.

Here’s to a memorable past, a joyful present, and a future full of hope!

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