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Shocking New Study Reveals Humans Struggle to Detect AI-Generated Content


Younger generations were more likely to distinguish between AI and human elements.

ATLANTA GEORGIA. June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nexcess, the premium hosting provider optimized for WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento, today released a study on the effectiveness of AI and the ability of humans to detect it in content and images.

The study found that, on average, respondents could identify AI-generated content only about 55% of the time.

How the study was carried out

One thousand people who claimed to be moderately familiar with AI were given sets of images and text side by side.

For each set, they were asked to identify which was generated by AI and which was created by humans.

Participants correctly identified the AI-generated copy 57% of the time, while AI-generated image detection had only a 53% success rate.

The success rates varied according to the age of the participants. Younger generations tended to be more successful at detecting AI. Participants in the 18-24 age group answered correctly 61% of the time, compared to 51% for those 45-54.

Read the full study herecomplete with an interactive quiz, to see how your AI sensing skills stack up.

The use of AI and its effects on business

Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and have become very popular. The use of artificial intelligence technology has sparked interest from the public and businesses alike.

With promises to streamline workflows and improve performance, it’s easy to see why companies are interested. However, the business sector remains unclear about its effects on sales, user experience, and customer retention.

Nexcess conducted the study to assess how companies can use artificial intelligence technology to optimize and improve the performance of e-commerce stores.

The study found that participants had some success in correctly identifying copies and AI-generated images. Overall, participants were more likely to spot AI-generated prints than AI-generated images.

Given the success rates of AI detection, business owners should proceed with caution, using AI as a tool to increase efficiency while keeping a close eye on production. If used correctly, AI tools can be instrumental in optimizing production and improving the performance of your eCommerce store.

“It’s intriguing to see the ways humans can identify AI, and the ways they can’t,” says Terry Trout, SVP of Marketing.

“We hope our AI study will guide business owners in using these tools and understanding how consumers receive AI. At Nexcess, we care about transformation and our goal is to help online business owners dream big and do more online,” adds Trout.

With a variety of offerings ranging from the enterprise level to SMB to entry-level markets, Nexcess supports sites and stores worldwide with fully managed hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.

“At Nexcess, we pride ourselves on helping organizations of all sizes start, run and grow their businesses online, and we’ve been doing so for 23 years,” adds Trout.

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Test your ability to detect AI and read the full report: AI vs. Human Study: Can Consumers Tell the Difference Between AI and Human-Generated Content?


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