Steps to choose the best plan

Steps to choose the best plan

If you plan to set up your own website, you probably know that you need a web hosting solution to put your website on the Internet. As a beginner, it is advisable to start your hosting journey with a basic hosting solution like shared hosting services. Now it is not enough to choose a hosting plan and start. You need to know the type of shared hosting plan that best suits your website. For your website to thrive, you not only need the best shared hosting in India but across the globe. Here in this post, we will look at the definition of shared hosting, its uses, and how to choose the best shared hosting plans.

What is shared hosting?

In simple terms, shared hosting means a single server shared by numerous users. In this type of arrangement, multiple websites use the same server and resources such as memory storage, CPU, and bandwidth.

Shared hosting is by far one of the most affordable hosting services. Each user usually has their own account and control panel to manage their website. However, the underlying resources are shared among the many users of the server.

Since the cost of maintaining and managing the server is distributed among consumers, shared hosting is an ideal solution for beginners, small businesses, and websites with moderate traffic and resource requirements.

One major limitation of shared hosting is that website performance can be affected by the activities of other websites on the same server.

If one website consumes too many resources or faces a lot of traffic, the performance of the other websites may suffer.

Shared Hosting Uses

For individuals, small businesses, and firms that require a simple online business presence, shared hosting is the perfect solution. It is appropriate for hosting blogs, small e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, informational websites, and personal websites.

Since shared hosting is a cost-effective hosting solution, it appeals to individuals and small businesses on tight budgets. Users can host their websites there without paying a lot for hosting.

Easy configuration and administration

Easy-to-use control panels and website builders are frequently provided by shared hosting companies, making it easy for people with little or no technical experience to set up and maintain their websites. Users can focus on the content and design of the websites because the hosting company takes care of server maintenance, security, and technical issues.

Personalized email accounts linked to a domain name (such as [email protected]) can be created and managed by users thanks to the email hosting features that are often included with shared hosting.

In most cases, databases can be hosted as part of shared hosting packages, allowing users to store and manage data for their websites, such as customer records, product catalogs, or blog articles.

Using shared hosting for testing and development allows users to test website designs, coding, and functionality before launching in a live environment.

Learning and experimentation

For those who want to study web development, hosting management, or experiment with various website concepts without making a significant investment in dedicated infrastructure, shared hosting is a suitable option.

Steps to choose the best shared hosting provider

A high uptime percentage (preferably 99.9% or higher) and a solid reputation for reliability are two things to look for in a hosting service. The likelihood of your website experiencing frequent downtime is reduced with a reliable hosting solution.

Choose a hosting company that uses state-of-the-art server hardware and technologies to deliver the best possible performance. Your server speed, caching technologies, and the availability of content delivery networks (CDNs) can have a major impact on how fast and responsive your website loads.

Check the level and caliber of the hosting company’s customer service. Consider options like live chat, email, phone, and 24-hour tech support. It is beneficial to confirm that the support staff is accommodating, competent, and able to quickly address your concerns.

Consider the scalability options offered by the hosting company. You may need more resources as your website expands or the flexibility to quickly switch to a more expensive hosting plan or another hosting option.

Take a look at the control panel of the hosting company. It’s easier to manage your website, domain, email accounts, databases, and other elements of your hosting environment when you use an easy-to-use control panel like cPanel or Plesk.

Make sure the hosting company has effective security controls in place to protect your website and data. For the hosting environment to remain secure, features like firewalls, virus scanning, SSL certificates, and regular backups are crucial.

Shared hosting prices are cheap. However, you need to make sure you get the right features for the price you pay. Compare the features and pricing programs provided by various hosting companies. Think about the total value you’ll get for the money, taking into account resources, storage, bandwidth, and the number of websites allowed.

User opinion and reputation

To gauge the reputation of the hosting company and the experiences of other users, look for customer reviews and other comments. To make sure the provider is trustworthy in this situation, look for reviews that particularly discuss shared hosting experiences.

Backup and restore options

Check that the hosting company offers frequent backups of your website and that they provide simple solutions for restoration in case of data loss or website problems.

Before deciding to use the hosting provider’s services, please carefully read and understand all applicable agreements, including terms of service, acceptable use guidelines, refund policies, and others.


Shared hosting is a popular option for many websites despite some drawbacks due to its low cost, ease of use, and good speed for websites with smaller traffic volumes.

At, you can choose between Linux and Windows shared hosting. Take a step towards your online success by benefiting from numerous website hosting, unmetered bandwidth, exceptional support, unlimited emails, a free SSL certificate, 99.95% uptime, a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and much more!

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