The best WordPress tweets of May

The best WordPress tweets of May

The school year is almost over. We’re digging out our bathing suits and planning vacations. May is one of the best months of the year, and this year, there’s much more to celebrate with World Tuna Day (May 2) or Root Canal Appreciation Day (May 10).

Also, there’s a certain CMS that everyone knows and loves turning 20.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress tweets of May 2023.

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Take it easy

We love hearing how fast and easy our favorite CMS is. jacob shows us that it is possible to go from nothing to something faster than an episode of Ted Lasso.

We love all the practical applications of AI and we are not surprised that ChatGPT is already doing the heavy lifting. This tweet from Mate references ZDNet’s David Gewirtz and, frankly, we were impressed.

Here is the link Matt posted.

You don’t have to tell us William! In the last 20 years, WordPress has become a beast, friendly of course.

putting in work

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, having a good plugin stack is crucial. Alex he described some of the best ones and started a big discussion about it.

We know that WordPress is the big boss of the internet, but there are always more ways to level up. Verify BillThe great tips that will lead you to WordPress victories.

We are big fans of Cloudflare and Remkus hit the nail on the head. Cloudflare is where it’s at for WordPress sites.

Oops look what you made me do

Reports recently revealed that more than 300,000 passwords, many of which referenced Taylor Swift, had been hacked in 2022 before the release of the Midnights album. Earlier this month, fans found the link to Taylor Swift’s website admin page and tried to guess the password.

Twitter user klara he pointed this out with his hilarious tweet. We are not going to lie. We chose this tweet because Nexcess Field Marketing Manager christine clauder it’s a huge swiftie.

Celebrate the good times. Come on!

WordPress is converting the great 2-0. Whether in person or virtually, everyone had a chance to party. necessary even it got festive.

school is out for the summer

Thanks for joining us for the best WordPress tweets of May. Join us next month to learn more, and if you need a fast, secure, and scalable host, check out Nexcess’s Fully Managed WordPress Plans.

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