These Were February’s Best WordPress Tweets

These Were February’s Best WordPress Tweets


February may be the shortest month, but there’s a lot of energy packed in those 28 days.

It’s Black History Month. We’ve also got Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl. Many of our WordPress friends participated in WordCamp Asia, too!

Here are the best WordPress tweets from February.

Ice breakers

Principal Engineer and Product Designer Mike McAlister knows that at its core (pun intended) WordPress is pretty darn awesome, and it hasn’t always gotten the love it deserves.

Freelance web developer Dan P wanted to know if WordPress is the way to go when spinning up a new site. We like to think it’s the simplest and best, TBH.

Entrepreneur Steve Chou talked about wanting to blog for a while and then gave some sage advice.

A little spicy…

Software developer David R. MacIver didn’t mince words, it’s clear where WordPress stands with him.

Kinsta’s @Tomzur makes a great point about newbies to WordPress. Many don’t know the difference between .org and .com. Nexcess has a blog about that.

… but a lot more sweet

GoDaddy Project Manager Justin Nealey captured amazing moments over at WordCamp Asia, and let us see the many faces of WordPress.

OSS Capital Founder Joseph Jacks throws out a home run of a stat and reminds us of just how successful WordPress has become.

Michelle Frechette, Director of Community Engagement at our BFF sister brand StellarWP, thanked the WP fam and also let us know just how much the organizers of #WCAsia rocked it.

Not that we have a definitive favorite or anything…

We like to stay objective but when a customer like Benjamin Muscolino reminds us why they stick with us, it’s hard to not want to shout it from the rooftops.

Tweet #WordPress all month if you feel lucky! You just might be featured. And as always, join us next month for the best tweets of March.

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