WebNIC Launches New WHMCS License Management Panel

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WebNIC, an ICANN-accredited global registrar, has announced the release of a new feature in its self-built RPanel system. The new functionality would allow its partners to manage their WHMCS licenses in one place. WebNIC anticipates that this new functionality will make WHMCS license management fast, simple, and hassle-free.

For those looking to launch or run a web services business, WHMCS is a software solution to suit your automation needs. All the tools needed to streamline and automate daily tasks and business operations, including automated billing, service delivery, and business management, are included in the robust platform.

WHMCS would save time, while being developer friendly and highly customizable to suit the different needs of each web services business. It is a popular automation tool for many web professionals around the world.

Currently, WHMCS licenses must be purchased by professional or web services organizations that use it to provide services to end customers. To ensure that the provision of their services to their customers is never interrupted, they must always be aware of the status of their licenses. When handling multiple licenses at the same time, the status of some licenses may be forgotten, such as an expired license. As a result, there could be service interruptions, which can cost them customers and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

WebNIC is aware of the strenuous efforts required to properly manage WHMCS licenses. To help their partners who manage multiple WHMCS licenses, they have developed the WHMCS License Management Dashboard. With the help of this new functionality, your partners can now manage all their licenses “easy, simple and hassle-free” in one place.

Benefits of using WHMCS

With the help of WebNIC’s WHMCS License Management Dashboard, your partners can get a complete overview of all their license statuses in one location, including licenses that need to be relocated, licenses that have expired, licenses that need to be renewed or upgraded and licenses that are approaching their customer limit. They can quickly take the necessary steps to ensure their WHMCS licenses continue to run smoothly with the help of this handy overview.

WHMCS is quite a popular web hosting automation platform that can help hosting companies run their business by automating many common tasks such as billing, provisioning, and support. In summary, some of the benefits of using WHMCS for a web hosting company include the following:

Improved Efficiency – WHMCS automates many time-consuming tasks such as billing, provisioning, and support, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Increased Revenue – WHMCS allows you to easily upsell and upsell additional products and services to your customers, which can help you increase your revenue. Improved Customer Experience – With WHMCS, you can provide your customers with a more streamlined and efficient experience, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Better Organization: WHMCS helps you keep track of all your customers, orders, and services in one place, making it easier for you to run your business and stay organized. Enhanced Security: WHMCS includes built-in security features to protect your customers’ personal and financial information, which can help increase trust in your business.

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