What Does It Mean to Be VMware Cloud Verified?

What Does It Mean to Be VMware Cloud Verified?

What is VMware?

VMware is an industry-leading virtualization and multi cloud solutions provider for enterprises across the globe. They have over 75,000 partners across various industries. Liquid Web is proud to be a VMware Cloud Verified Partner offering VMware Private Cloud, an isolated and highly-performant private network solution for scaling SMBs and enterprises.

What is VMware Cloud Verified?

VMware Cloud Verified means that Liquid Web has met all of VMware’s requirements for software and VMware infrastructure setup. VMware Cloud Verified Partners are able to provide superior cloud solutions and services to clients with unparalleled performance and support delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Along with Liquid Web’s Full Management and 24/7/365 Support from The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®, this means your mission-critical sites, stores, and applications will outperform the competition, stay cutting-edge with enterprise-grade hardware, and provide the elasticity and scalability that VMware is known for.

Criteria to Satisfy Becoming a VMware Cloud Verified Partner

In order to qualify as a VMware Cloud Verified Partner, Liquid Web has met the following three criteria:

Liquid Web meets the requirements for monthly IT spending and credits for VMware Private Cloud services for our clients.Liquid Web meets the training requirements for our data center personnel for both VMware Support certification and Sales certification.Liquid Web’s VMware infrastructure design has been validated to meet requirements for performance and service. The correct version of the software and the correct configuration of the software has been verified.

Why is VMware Cloud Verification Important to You?

Liquid Web’s VMware Cloud Verified status is incredibly important for customers. It signifies that Liquid Web has met all infrastructure and software requirements. For our customers, that means:

You can compete in your market with superior elasticity and scalability for your workload demands.You can quickly spin up or down workloads for test environments or go to market with solutions even more quickly.Liquid Web’s product proficiency and new private cloud features will grow substantially in 2022.

Choose VMware Private Cloud at Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s Private Cloud is a fully managed enterprise-grade environment that pools resources from across a virtualized server cluster. VMware Private Cloud offers:

Fully managed infrastructure and virtual machines with 24/7/365 on-site support.Redundancy at the software and hardware levels.Fast 10 Gb networking.DDoS Attack Protection.Acronis Cyber Backups.Secure firewall and load balancing.

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