What is offshore hosting?

What is offshore hosting?

Hosting abroad means hosting your site in a far and away location due to certain reasons. The reason may be low price, advanced features or better services. Most of the developed countries have outsourced web hosting services to developing or less developed countries.

There are two parallel offshore hosting scenarios: users from advanced countries get sites hosted in developing countries for lower costs, and users from developing countries may prefer hosting in advanced countries for reliability, security, or advanced features. And this offshore hosting trend is not new.

Most of the offshore web hosting sources have very qualified customer service. They are always happy to help and will offer good services. Overseas web hosting service providers realize that they have to work harder than website hosts in the US and Europe to provide better services.

In offshore hosting, try to understand the work culture, time zone difference, and local language of the country where you plan to host your site. It helps to avoid common problems such as communication gap, time taken to resolve technical issues, and would reduce unnecessary documentation.

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