What is your favorite domain extension?

What is your favorite domain extension?

Many webmasters crash just before starting to work online. They’re ready to get their website up and running, and then comes SEO and the confusion it creates.

A very common query is which domain extension is best for SEO. This is a sensible and natural concern, but it is made too complex by the vast amount of false information on the web. Let’s do the conventional stuff and go over the disruption domain extension has on SEO and whether there is a good extension.

In fact, there will be no change in your search engine performance, whether you use a .com, .net, or .org. Many people believe that a .com will run better, but that belief has no basis in reality. It’s just not true.

The first one to select though, for other reasons, is a .com. The .com extension is by far the most standard and is most notable for this reason. It will be easy to make sure that any direct traffic ends up on your site and not someone else’s by using the most popular extension.

By doing this, you will ensure that every person trying to find your site ends up on it, and you will also prevent competitors from taking similar domains and parking them.

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