Why your ecommerce website needs a dedicated server

Why your ecommerce website needs a dedicated server

As online sales continue to grow, the demand for powerful eCommerce hosting is increasing as well. Even traditional brick and mortar retailers are recognizing the potential of selling online. The right hosting provider can help small business owners and established retail chains transition all or part of their business to a successful online solution.

What is ecommerce hosting?

A well-run eCommerce site can handle multiple visitors from anywhere in the world, supporting sales every day. To increase revenue, your ecommerce site must stand out and offer a unique solution in the midst of increasing competition. Your web hosting solution must also provide reliable performance and security to build customer trust and increase sales.

When it comes to eCommerce solutions, uptime is crucial. Any downtime can drive away potential sales, so having a host with a 99.9% uptime guarantee is essential. A reputable hosting company should also provide technical support to help quickly resolve any issues that may occur. Access to all software and features, including online shopping carts, customer rewards programs, and third-party payment processors, is essential.

That is why your eCommerce website needs a dedicated server to ensure a better shopping experience for your customers.

Why you should use dedicated servers

As a business owner, you are no stranger to the fact that peak seasons lead to increased sales, and the same goes for your website. Whether you’re running an eCommerce store or a marketing website for a brand, you’re likely to experience traffic surges that far exceed your typical monthly traffic.

But simply waiting for customers to flock to your site is not enough. Instead, you need to be proactive and take steps to prepare for these spikes in traffic. Otherwise, your server infrastructure could be overloaded and your website could go down, leading to lost sales and unhappy customers.

To prevent this from happening, consider moving to a dedicated server hosting setup. This can help ensure that your website stays up and running even during your busiest times, allowing you to capture every last dollar you deserve for your ecommerce website.

What are the benefits of dedicated servers?

Unlike other hosting solutions, a dedicated server is specific to you and not to other companies. It works exclusively for you, using all your resources to support the traffic on your website (or web application). Additionally, dedicated servers can be customized and configured to specifically meet the needs of your business based on your technology stack, assets, and audience size.

Here are eight reasons why your ecommerce website needs a dedicated server:

1. Handle increased traffic

High traffic is both a blessing and a curse. For one thing, more traffic means more sales. On the other hand, too much traffic can overload your server and take your website offline, with frustrated customers and no sales.

A dedicated server allows you to create enough capacity to handle traffic spikes of any size. Unlike shared servers, you can be sure that the CPU and RAM installed on your dedicated server are reserved exclusively for your use.

2. Enable faster transactions

Even when your website doesn’t go offline due to increased traffic, it can become slow to accommodate all requests to the server. Also, slow websites discourage visitors from spending a lot of time on them, and more visitors are likely to leave your website without buying anything.

With a dedicated server, you can expect peak performance at all times. Your server efficiently handles your transactions when it is configured correctly.

3. Improve security

Security is essential for e-commerce websites, as they handle a lot of sensitive information, from personal details to credit card numbers. Shared servers apply the same basic security settings to each tenant, which they rarely detail. Dedicated servers allow you to control all aspects of your hosting environment, from firewalls to backups and software installations.

4. Provide a better user experience

Visitors tend to return to websites with a better user experience, which means a higher chance that you will make a sale. In addition to fast page loading and processing requests, websites with dedicated servers can guarantee near 100% uptime and become a trusted resource for your audience.

5. Be more profitable

Some websites choose to handle traffic spikes with cloud-based pay-as-you-go solutions. Cloud-based infrastructure can be scaled very quickly, as needed. However, that extra power often comes at a steep cost that can be completely unexpected.

A dedicated server ensures predictability, with all costs known in advance, making planning and budgeting easier.

6. Improve your SEO

A fast website is pleasing to your visitors, and Google and other search engines tend to include load times in their algorithms and rank fast websites higher. Higher search rankings do wonders for your business, especially during the busiest shopping seasons.

7. Achieve maximum privacy

All companies that handle sensitive data must ensure that the data is kept secure and private. Since dedicated servers do not share components or resources with anyone, they create perfect environments to ensure privacy.

Governments, agencies, and healthcare providers, where maintaining privacy is critical, tend to rely on dedicated servers for their needs. So even with regulatory laws like HIPAA, dedicated servers are the way to go.

8. Have enough storage

Running an eCommerce website means handling and storing a lot of files, such as promotional videos, product images, and how-tos. It’s critical to have enough space to store all those files, transfer them, and retrieve them when needed. Even more so is the ability to back up everything and trust those backups.

A dedicated server makes it easy to see how much space you are using and how much free space you have left. You can even split website, archive, and backup data between hard drives to make sure the server uses only the data needed for website operations.

Learn More About Dedicated Servers For Ecommerce Websites

Using a dedicated server for your eCommerce website strategy is critical to ensuring smooth transactions and secure customer data. It’s essential for larger businesses where traffic is increasing, but it can also be advantageous for small businesses.

You can be sure that no matter how familiar you are with the world of eCommerce, your customers will be taken care of. With features such as increased traffic handling capabilities, faster transactions, enhanced security, and higher-level user experiences, hosting an eCommerce platform on a dedicated server is something every business should consider.

You can also expect it to cost less over time while you take regular SEO steps and ultimately achieve maximum privacy when it comes to customer data stored on the server. If you’re looking to take your ecommerce platform to the next level and make sure your customers are served like never before, turn to dedicated servers; they could be the answer you were looking for.

Contact Liquid Web sales staff. They can answer any questions about dedicated servers and suggest the best options based on your current setup and needs.

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